Tuesday, 30 September 2014

8.5weeks 29th Sept

So the scan revealed a tiny mini baby butter bean, ONLY 8.5weeks along-ridiculous I feel HUGE!! I keep hearing that its the third, don't worry blah blah. I look 4months pregnant not TWO!
And I feel quite ill and it could get much worse...
This morning started with fruit salad and a piece of toast, a productive work shift followed by adminitration work for our WOD-a-thon Challenge. We had nachos and salad rolls for lunch then I went to CrossFit Knoxfeild to train with awesome box owner Simon. Power Snatched light, 3 tap and go at 33kg working speed. Then I rested while Simon did Isabel (30 power snatches for time) and we did a fun 3 rounder of 20 pistol squats, 5m handstand walk, 20 hollow rocks, 5m handstand walk.
After a long drive home (power was out) I sort of fell in a heap. So we had gorgeous leek and potato soup with crusty bread for dinner and are chillaxing watching the second Narnia movie while E has gone to train. 
Anyway goodnight, I'll be releasing this very soon xx

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Weds 24th Sept

Yesterday was a Tuesday, lifted spirits due to warm sunshine and a trip to the river with my water babes. Spent 45mins on pull ups, dips and strict muscle ups. It was hard I felt so tired and frustrated.
Today I woke up to another mild morning determined to get through the day feeling great. Trained my first client easily at 8.30am and managed a few sets of Overhead Squats, getting to 40kg no drama with our beautiful but small 9am class. Mummas Yoga was the best energy we've ever had! It was noisy with 6 wonderful yogis and almost two babes per mum but the girls worked really hard and everyone left a little lighter, especially me. My next client I've seen about 5 times now, a fellow personal trainer who came to me looking for some inner peace and strength to calm her often anxious mind. She totally rocked her inversions and is showing much more strength though her core and shoulders. My last client of the day is also a successful business woman. She is very new to training and works super hard during the basics, I enjoy watching the improvements and gently reminding her to be kind to herself...she is much fitter than she thinks!
Finished the morning watching Eric train two very fit local PTs who are interested in improving their weightlifting and we had a fun chat afterwards before returning home to the little loves.
For breakfast at home I ate three pieces Vegemite toast, had chia pudding with mango and passion fruit at 11.15am, some "nachos" at home and a little piece of Apple cake (will post recipe; so good!). I'm eating soup at 3pm and having gnocchi for dinner! 
It's hungry work growing babies and breastfeeding and training! Scan tomorrow to see how far along we are, I'm pretty sure we're having a boy!

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

17th Sept

Today was ok, I woke up unwell, had a few clients then a few yoga classes and decided to get my squat on! Front squatted 60kg pretty easy. Had some toast first thing then chia seed pudding followed by some soup and crackers, Vegie Bar lunch and vegan cupcake. Also had a quarter of a weak's not turning me on. 
So I'm going to do some power snatching tonight followed by yoges. Also I should mention my soul sister got married to her lover in Bali today! Congratulations Kylie!!!!! 
And my vegan birkinstocks arrived today, according to Eric they're hot mum shoes woooooo
Hit 35kg power snatches for 3 tonight, it's hard because I can feel my body changing...I feel bloated and a little bit ugly. Not sure what that has to do with weightlifting but...yeah. Ate half a Vegie burger, some potato mash and greens with nuts and seeds. Craving chocolate and noodles (not together) now after an awesome yoga class. 
Did I mention I'm still breastfeeding Raine? A few times during the night and anywhere from 4-8 times each day. She feeds for the longest in the early morning 4-6am making it impossible for me to get up for the WODs at the moment. Just fed my gorgeous girl to sleep and the little man is all snuggled next to me. I'm super grateful Eric has been able to take most of the WODs for me and go out of his way to make sure I'm resting and well fed. 
Raine is still in the elimination communication process, sometimes she hates the potty and other times she will tell us, which is awesome. She is saying so many words now; potty, I love you, up, down, keys, happy, why, what, hello, bye-bye, night-night, wake up, yum, thank you (tank-oo), good, good boy, shoes, puppy, cat...the list goes on! My favorite is her patting our cat saying "good boy" brilliant. River seems to have one great day and two or three days of not listening and being a bit silly. He's so gorgeous though, and I'm enjoying him saying just anything that comes to mind. His stories are so hilarious, he tells us "when I was at work..." and other random tales. We still find it difficult to keep him away from phones and tv when out...lots of shops have tv's (seriously wtf?!) and well meaning people let Riv hold their phones (more fool them when he's downloaded random games! I have no idea how he learned that?). But we enjoy our weekend family movies. Applying for schools is hard we want the kids at Steiner. Have just applied for Raine as River's wasn't accepted straight away. It's a scary process! I'll miss him when he has to go.
Anyway hope you feel filled in, I'm out xx

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

This is Tuesday 16th Sept

For some reason I find Tuesdays unbareable. Possibly because my Mondays are lengthy...I don't like to get out of bed. I'm also in the throes of horrid nausea on the verge of being ill with a splitting headache. All I want is fresh juice and toast. Not exactly a healthful food intake or mindset. I also love soup. 
I'm feeling overwhelmed yet underwhelmed, I seem to have lost motivation for anything. First trimester sucks and I wish I was lying on a warm bed somewhere sunny, not in my room with construction going on in our subdivided block. Speaking of....can people PLEASE STOP SUBDIVIDING?! Seriously stop being so greedy. We need yards, and space and more people need the opportunity to purchase a home, with a yard and some damn privacy. I've lived in a unit almost for the last 17years and it STINKS. One day I will own a home and I know that all my "non conforming" friends of the hippy variety will tell me it's not terribly important, but to me it is. I don't want much just a sense of belonging and ownership. No relentless tradesmen in my front yard, no greedy pig landlords, no home inspections, no nosy neighbors. I'm working on it people, I just have to get my ducks in a row and pay some wonderful people back.
So I'm a tad melancholy today. Like most Tuesdays. Feel free to cheer me up :)

And the days continue :)

Yesterday I was able to stomach food :) I ate a slice of Vegemite toast, a ginger & fruit fresh juice, a vegan cupcake, vegetable soup, a piece of sushi, some crackers and a pita bread pizza. Brilliant! I have gotten myself into a little morning routine of leg toning and some yoga poses. Today I feel well enough to train after a shared breakfast at Vegie Bar and a trip to the museum. Still really battling lethargy and lack of motivation. Looking forward to lunch of salad rolls and the best vegan veggie burgers. 
Looking forward to work changes is scary, I'm going to be too tired to keep up my usual pace so I have to be really smart about what I do next. I do not want to burn out while I am on a roll! 

All I managed was to clean the gym with E and a few strict dips & pull ups. I'm so tired and emotional 

Friday, 12 September 2014

Day three

Today has been awful. I've been awake battling nausea since 1am however both kids slept through to 5am :) Raine had a feed and then projectiled all over me so we all jumped in the shower and then snuggled on the couch. I started being sick and thought I'd feel better so did get dressed for work and ready...then as I went to take a bite of toast Raine threw up all over the floor and my feet. Not an ideal start to the day, we all fell asleep on the couch. I threw up again upon waking and have been struggling all day with crippling nausea, sleep and so far only one more actual spew. I'm sipping peppermint tea and a fresh made juice. Breastfeeding is hard, as is moving. Feel like I'm driving fast in a car, backwards while reading. Eww!
A few people know now and two were super excited :)
Have done my leg excercises today and actually felt like I need to do more but my body is betraying me! 

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Day two of things that can't be unknown

Looking for a cute way to announce the pregnancy...found NOTHING for a third child. Awkward. I suppose people just stop caring maybe. What baffles me so much is how different my life has been at the start of each pregnancy. Save a few close and amazing friends, my network has changed so much through each pregnancy. I was young and naive and deeply unhappy when my beautiful River came along, I'd been a party girl and I was not very responsible nor did I treat my body very well. Obviously Raine was a huge shock to us all and yes we lost many "friends" when my body began to grow her. Leaving our gym last year too we lost so much. So this time around I think I'm really excited to say there is only positivity in my life, I don't care for petty drama or selfish people, I surround myself with others that are kind and understanding. We're very cautious now, and I trust as many people as I can count on my hands. That's ok :)
I've had no coffee today, and eaten beautiful porridge for breakfast, sourdough avo and beet toast, cauli mash with tomato pasta and soup is about to be served for tea.
Eric & I took the fur babies on a walk and enjoyed some vegan salted caramel ice cream, wasn't long ago that I could polish one off by myself!

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

All good things come in threes

3.25pm 10th September, two days after I turn 27years...two pink lines appear on a test costing less than $8. I knew yesterday when a familiar rush of night time nausea came over me. Blame all the beautiful women around me with their gorgeous babies...have me clucking all over the place!
So I'm documenting everything this time could well be my last pregnancy, birth and baby.
I've been really tired and emotional over the past few weeks, especially run down and had been feeling hopeless the last few days. So I'm glad that there is a reason and I am not a complete crazy person working herself into the ground. I'm nervous because our financial situation is not ideal, but I suppose it can't get any worse than it's been in the past few years! It also concerns me that it will bring new change to our family dynamic, which is already changing due to Nick finding someone that he digs :) but I know that each of us has so much love to give, so I doubt any child of ours will ever feel excluded or favored. 
I have been breastfeeding now in total for three years and two months...I am NOT looking forward to gaining weight and I am not ecstatic about tandem feeding again, though I will as Raine most likely won't be quite two years old (dates uncertain). My diet has been ok though I did enjoy a few drinks over the weekend, I cut down to one coffee a day.
River has been unwell for a while now and tonight has been throwing up for apparently no reason, so we're all snuggled up in our bed together. I'm praying for a good night sleep for all of us. Do I always bite off more than I can chew?