Thursday, 11 September 2014

Day two of things that can't be unknown

Looking for a cute way to announce the pregnancy...found NOTHING for a third child. Awkward. I suppose people just stop caring maybe. What baffles me so much is how different my life has been at the start of each pregnancy. Save a few close and amazing friends, my network has changed so much through each pregnancy. I was young and naive and deeply unhappy when my beautiful River came along, I'd been a party girl and I was not very responsible nor did I treat my body very well. Obviously Raine was a huge shock to us all and yes we lost many "friends" when my body began to grow her. Leaving our gym last year too we lost so much. So this time around I think I'm really excited to say there is only positivity in my life, I don't care for petty drama or selfish people, I surround myself with others that are kind and understanding. We're very cautious now, and I trust as many people as I can count on my hands. That's ok :)
I've had no coffee today, and eaten beautiful porridge for breakfast, sourdough avo and beet toast, cauli mash with tomato pasta and soup is about to be served for tea.
Eric & I took the fur babies on a walk and enjoyed some vegan salted caramel ice cream, wasn't long ago that I could polish one off by myself!

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