Friday, 12 September 2014

Day three

Today has been awful. I've been awake battling nausea since 1am however both kids slept through to 5am :) Raine had a feed and then projectiled all over me so we all jumped in the shower and then snuggled on the couch. I started being sick and thought I'd feel better so did get dressed for work and ready...then as I went to take a bite of toast Raine threw up all over the floor and my feet. Not an ideal start to the day, we all fell asleep on the couch. I threw up again upon waking and have been struggling all day with crippling nausea, sleep and so far only one more actual spew. I'm sipping peppermint tea and a fresh made juice. Breastfeeding is hard, as is moving. Feel like I'm driving fast in a car, backwards while reading. Eww!
A few people know now and two were super excited :)
Have done my leg excercises today and actually felt like I need to do more but my body is betraying me! 

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