Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Any minute now...

The clock is ticking...haha I actually cannot believe I've made it to full term but that's ok babies come when they're ready! I'm very trusting of the whole birth process which is helping me with patience. As I lay here trying to feed River to sleep (hello practice contractions) I'm finding myself antsy...I would like to get up for a drink and I would love for my dog to stop effing barking. It's annoying having Riv squirm & fight sleep. It's also annoying that I have to lay on my left side. It's even more annoying that this baby isn't here yet!!! 
Some of you know I am reading "Buddhism for Mothers", not so I can become a Buddhist but so that I can apply the principles to my daily life. I do feel more peaceful, more patient and more compassionate. I do feel less attached to things that will make me happy...allowing myself to accept life as it is. Of course this did not apply when our psycho neighbor threw cat shit at Eric (yes it was probably our cat) & threatened to kill Raf. It also doesn't apply when people get too big for their boots, when arrogant people act like they are SO much better than you. Buddhism teaches us to view each situation with fresh eyes and compassion, for some reason despite knowing it is probably insecurity that causes people to act a certain way, I still see red (cue area to work on!).

So I thought I would let you know what I'm eating at the moment. My measurements are good & I've set some realistic goals for my post partum figure. When I wake up I make oats for River and a giant cup of raspberry leaf tea for myself. I have my B12 supplement and usually clean up the kitchen or read while Riv eats. Sometimes I eat toast with Vegemite or days like this morning I enjoy quinoa porridge. Then I usually make a juice sometime in the morning with Kale, oranges, apple & whatever else is in the fridge or fruitbowl. This is to mix my iron supplement and evening primrose oil in. Lunch is usually soup in winter I made delicious broad bean and wild rice soup this weekend. And in these last few weeks I have been baking & consuming some delicious chocolate or vanilla vegan cupcakes. Dinner is always varied at our house the standout meals over the past week have been hearty winter meals like pasta with vegetables & grilled corn, pan fried gnocchi, pizza made from scratch (thanks Loz) and quinoa/tofu bake. I then usually have magnesium with iron again, another B12 tab & raspberry tea before bed.

I am a huge believer that our babies come when they're ready which is why I am annoyed at myself for being so impatient to meet our little Be. I truly thought I would have an early bub and that is what everyone around me also assumed. It scared me that I may labor like I did with Riv but out of everything I'm very confident that Be's labor & delivery will be so very different. 

Our gym is affiliated and almost good to start advertising, I could not be more excited for Gav, Eric & myself. I'm also so proud that we didn't give up. I am looking forward to going back to work because I feel like winter has delivered us some very sooky athletes who may just need a Saresy kick-up-the-ass! It'll be good to provide some competition & hopefully inspire everyone to keep pushing hard despite the cold weather. The clients that are training with Eric or having some time off PT are keeping in touch & they are all doing SO well. This is cause for celebration & praise, my girls have worked so hard, come so far and are STILL not giving up, you know who you are.
To the night crew at Crossy I've been hearing great things. It makes me excited to watch all of your PB & smash your goals when I come back.

Anyway things are good, send me all your hurry-up-baby vibes and I will keep you all posted. Thankyou for coming on this journey with me :)

Cheers & Giggles xxx