Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Weds 24th Sept

Yesterday was a Tuesday, lifted spirits due to warm sunshine and a trip to the river with my water babes. Spent 45mins on pull ups, dips and strict muscle ups. It was hard I felt so tired and frustrated.
Today I woke up to another mild morning determined to get through the day feeling great. Trained my first client easily at 8.30am and managed a few sets of Overhead Squats, getting to 40kg no drama with our beautiful but small 9am class. Mummas Yoga was the best energy we've ever had! It was noisy with 6 wonderful yogis and almost two babes per mum but the girls worked really hard and everyone left a little lighter, especially me. My next client I've seen about 5 times now, a fellow personal trainer who came to me looking for some inner peace and strength to calm her often anxious mind. She totally rocked her inversions and is showing much more strength though her core and shoulders. My last client of the day is also a successful business woman. She is very new to training and works super hard during the basics, I enjoy watching the improvements and gently reminding her to be kind to herself...she is much fitter than she thinks!
Finished the morning watching Eric train two very fit local PTs who are interested in improving their weightlifting and we had a fun chat afterwards before returning home to the little loves.
For breakfast at home I ate three pieces Vegemite toast, had chia pudding with mango and passion fruit at 11.15am, some "nachos" at home and a little piece of Apple cake (will post recipe; so good!). I'm eating soup at 3pm and having gnocchi for dinner! 
It's hungry work growing babies and breastfeeding and training! Scan tomorrow to see how far along we are, I'm pretty sure we're having a boy!

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