Saturday, 6 October 2012

The view from here

Indie folk playing probably too loud for 8am on a saturday morning, books strewn across the living room for, papers line my "desk" (the kitchen table), coffee cools in a pink spotted mug, oats scattered across the floor...every few moments a naked child covered in green texta, cinnamon and coyo approaches me "AHHH" "Book" "Babu" in between, he rides his tonka truck, "zings" on the floor or dances to the music. Yep. It is exam time in my house.

I thought it might be nice to catch you all up on my life, let you know how I'm feeling and make sure my blog does not become extinct as I recomment all my clients to read it!

Yesterday, I handed in my final assignment of this degree...well I may possibly be doing one subject next year...but still. In just abit over a week I will have two exams then BOOM I own a Bachelor :) So, my eyebrows are unkempt, random pimples are claiming ownership of my face, food is bloating me (or is that the booze?), and my almost toilet trained child is cranky and declaring war upon this house. I am preparing to take on a sub-contractor in the gym, preparing for an exciting new business venture, preparing to start my internship with the Melbourne Storm (rugby league team)...oh and I am now a single mother.

Safe to say my stress levels are slightly elevated. Here is a picture of my morning:

River laughing hysterically while i look like poo. Do you like my dressing gown? Fellas, form a que....
Now I am sure that I could plonk River down in front of the television with some sort of sugary processed crap...but folks as you know this just aint me. So I will try not to complain because I guess a few of you will be thinking I am bringing this on the co-sleeping and breastfeeding all night, oh and the babywearing in humid weather...

I was going to write a blog on the burdens & attitudes of motherhood...but I need to get the two of us dressed to drop him to his daddy's while I try and get through a dance class. Then I really should start to study. And really quite currently I am feeling a tad overwhelmed! The great thing is that River has well over 60 words in his vocab so can communicate really well, unfortunately being screamed at "babu, BABUUUUUUU" whilst studying (or worse on the toilet) is not my idea of fun...babu=boobs.

Leaving you with some wise words, a special shoutout to one of my gorgeous friends as she approaches her due date and drawing some hope from you all that I will get through the next two weeks, the next three months, the next year....

"Progress is impossible without change., and those that cannot change their minds cannot change ANYTHING."

Cheers & Giggles xx