Monday, 20 February 2012

I'm still here....just!! Haha :)

Today I was told TWICE "you really dont do things by halves, do you?!"
I have an exam tonight at 6pm, what a horrendous time for a mother to have an exam.
Then, on Friday, I get to walk down an isle of sand and stand next to my partner, making vows to stand together always, oh goody!!
Invites have been sent
Favours have been made

Veganism adhered to

And all is looking well.
So I have been asked to send an email containing some essential lists for mumma-to-be's, and instead I thought I would blog it....

Best Resources:
  • Surtout Chiropractic
  • Hypnotherapy/Calm birth
  • Ina May Gaskin books
  • Dr Sears
  • ABA
  • & Fresh Fitness :P
For Labour:
  • look into a homoeopathic birthing kit
  • suss out a doula or birth support person
  • I loved having a birthing outfit (bather top & maxi dress) although around 40hrs in all dignity went out the door...
  • water, water, water
  • birthing plan
  • delayed cord clamping
  • natural placenta delivery
  • the "breast crawl" & skin to skin contact immediately after birth
For the new mummy:
  • vitamin C - bioceuticals rocked my socks...I also became addicted to drinking it from a straw...
  • a swiss ball to practise your pelvic floor exercises after birth & to sit on whilst soothing bub
  • a baby carrier, we used a cotton sling for the first 4months then upgraded to an Ergo Carrier
  • breastfeeding covers & pillows are a waste of money!
  • ABA become a member, this may help you on your breastfeeding journey!
  • find some great books, put your feet up. Nurse on demand even if its hours on end in the first few weeks. Try not to introduce a pacifier or bottle within the first 6weeks.
For the new Baby:
  • the best toy your baby can have is YOU! Sing, dance and interact with your bub.
  • decrease the plastic crap
  • nattursutten rubber pacifier, although these are rarely needed if you nurse on demand.
  • cloth nappies?? We found hippybottomus the best for the first two months (cheap too) then green kids & bum cheeks have been amazing. Mandy mac with a mother ease cover for nighttimes.
  • the more natural you parent, the more dollars you will save :)
  • tetra tea tree bedding
  • organic mattress protectors
  • baby's crib in same room for first 3months decreases SIDS, co-sleeping?
So wish me luck in my exam...

Cheers & Giggles