Wednesday, 19 February 2014

What stress?!

My friend sent me a fantastic video the other night which, as the title suggests helped me change the way I view my stress.
So I've come up with some tips & tricks I have for balancing my crazy busy schedule. THIS is the secret to how Eric & I are still standing:

• The morning routine: lemon water, bush flower essence (my own personalised blend), dress & prepare breakfast, get kids up/dressed/try to do it all at once. My reward is that I am thinking about coffee ;)

• Plan, list, visualize, do. Remain flexible. Every day has a To Do list, each week has a to do, to pay, to plan list, meal plan, grocery plan. This is separate to work lists which are also broken down into financial, legal/accounting, member care, class design, programming, systems, wish lists & goals. Children are never going to allow the plan to go as planned. I'm learning to hold it together when one or two items aren't ticked off.

• Eat. This also has to be planned or I forget and everyone gets hangry.

• Laugh a lot and PLAY. Life wasn't meant to be a serious series of events. Listening to River talk to Uncle Rhabdo (spray painted on our wall) makes me laugh, watching Rain smoosh food all over herself makes me so happy. Chasing the dogs and forgetting the plan for a minute helps me unwind. Teasing Eric or vice versa keeps that pressure lid from coming off (though sometimes this backfires!).

• Talk it out or write it down. If I'm going through something I actually need to talk it through with my closest friends or with people so far removed from the situation they don't mind (sorry to the telemarketers!). I also filter my social media through the men in my life lest I make a career damaging comment or look petty when something upsets me. Sometimes I can't help myself...

• Be grateful. Always. There are so many brilliant things in my life, that this is pretty easy to do. But like everyone else I get caught up in the few crappy things & can obsess over them. I am reminded to show gratitude often though, and I know this makes me a happier, kinder person.

This list should probably include amazing things like yoga and training everyday or spend half an hour in the bath or some such...but if I'm honest sometimes my yoga and CrossFit sessions can't be squeezed in, I never bathe alone and there is often NO time to even go to the loo by myself let alone meditate in a park somewhere. 
So you can easily see that my priority is my family, my business & my health (in that order) and for now this works for me and my journey.

Today I had the pleasure of training with Simon who owns CrossFit Knoxfield and Eric watched the kids so I could smash out my first WOD in so long. And now he'll be laying floor for a little bit I'm proud of him, I'm proud of us! We're getting it done, doing the same thing as last year only bigger and better and with more drive to succeed. 
This path is everything we've worked towards coming together right now. Theres some awesome people helping behind the scenes; Nick, our steel man, my dad, our coaches & the whole Doncaster lululemon team. And our space that once again we've poured our hearts into is looking so damn good!
What is especially exciting is that I get to train mums in a group setting (for the first time!!) and they can bring the kids & learn to love themselves and perhaps to balance their lives a little better than I can. That I am designing a program that I don't think anyone ever has before...that I get to put my knowledge & experience into a program that is applied in a very specific way, and taught in a very loving environment. So happy :)

Speaking of brilliance and love (and stress?!), my baby sister is getting hitched in a few months!! What a blessing it will be to watch her marry her high school sweetheart, however rushed the planning will be I know that their special day will be pure filled with love. Having Jake as our official brother will be awesome, could not have asked for a more gorgeous partner for Lozzie, they are the perfect duo.

This week I am asking my clients & yoga students to practice falling in love with their lives...and as I write this I feel light, I feel gratitude, the ability to glance past imperfection to see the beauty and abundance that is.


Friday, 14 February 2014

Life Assistant

Days like today I require:
• someone to go to the three stores I grocery shop at 
• someone to cook the food on my meal plan 
• someone to answer my calls
• wear my children
• play with them
• unpack my boxes
• decorate my house
• change my address 
• organize & pay my bills
• finalize all of CFC equipment
• promote CFC
• plan my yoga classes
• finish the webpage
• decorate CFC
• clean CFC
• make money money
• finish moving out of my old house
• sort all of my papers
• write more articles
• give me the benefits of their workout
• walk my puppies
• celebrate Valentines Day ;)

So...any takers? Hehe