Monday, 14 October 2013


Hey lovelies!!
Just needed a little vent...this is what my Monday consists of;
• up at 4am to feed Miss Raine (this goes on/off until 6.30am where I am woken to a huge poo & lots of smiles)
• get up & get breakfast happening
• get to work by 7.30am, finish at 9 get home 9.30am
• review 4 lectures material
• get posters printed
• organise 30 WODs of CrossFit
• sort out merchandise issue
• pump milk
• take two clients calls
• print admin sheets
• hang wash out & bring wash in
• get in a quick WOD at home
• head back to work at 4.30
• finish at 6.30 get home by 7.15ish
• walk dogs
In this time I feed Raine, wrap her, play with River...nick is around so that's helpful though he has a big day of sorting stuff out too. Eric had to fix our flat tire, sort out an issue with Telstra, fix our new GHD, cook meals & do some housework plus he worked this am from 6-7.30am.
This is just Monday! 
There are 10days left for me to study for my exam, things will ease off quite abit after that. 
Some days I want to quit...some days I feel like throwing in the towel, leaving work, giving Raine a bottle, putting Riv in daycare, going out every weekend, trashing my body, ignoring my children's needs, my clients needs, our athletes needs...but I know that even though I have chosen a harder path, even though I choose to put others needs above my own, at the end of the day I have done EVERYTHING with good intent, honesty & love. 
To everyone of you reading this, thank you for giving me space to be who I am...I hope I can inspire you to keep going or that I can stand as something you don't ever want to be. Long as you stay true to YOU.