Wednesday, 17 September 2014

17th Sept

Today was ok, I woke up unwell, had a few clients then a few yoga classes and decided to get my squat on! Front squatted 60kg pretty easy. Had some toast first thing then chia seed pudding followed by some soup and crackers, Vegie Bar lunch and vegan cupcake. Also had a quarter of a weak's not turning me on. 
So I'm going to do some power snatching tonight followed by yoges. Also I should mention my soul sister got married to her lover in Bali today! Congratulations Kylie!!!!! 
And my vegan birkinstocks arrived today, according to Eric they're hot mum shoes woooooo
Hit 35kg power snatches for 3 tonight, it's hard because I can feel my body changing...I feel bloated and a little bit ugly. Not sure what that has to do with weightlifting but...yeah. Ate half a Vegie burger, some potato mash and greens with nuts and seeds. Craving chocolate and noodles (not together) now after an awesome yoga class. 
Did I mention I'm still breastfeeding Raine? A few times during the night and anywhere from 4-8 times each day. She feeds for the longest in the early morning 4-6am making it impossible for me to get up for the WODs at the moment. Just fed my gorgeous girl to sleep and the little man is all snuggled next to me. I'm super grateful Eric has been able to take most of the WODs for me and go out of his way to make sure I'm resting and well fed. 
Raine is still in the elimination communication process, sometimes she hates the potty and other times she will tell us, which is awesome. She is saying so many words now; potty, I love you, up, down, keys, happy, why, what, hello, bye-bye, night-night, wake up, yum, thank you (tank-oo), good, good boy, shoes, puppy, cat...the list goes on! My favorite is her patting our cat saying "good boy" brilliant. River seems to have one great day and two or three days of not listening and being a bit silly. He's so gorgeous though, and I'm enjoying him saying just anything that comes to mind. His stories are so hilarious, he tells us "when I was at work..." and other random tales. We still find it difficult to keep him away from phones and tv when out...lots of shops have tv's (seriously wtf?!) and well meaning people let Riv hold their phones (more fool them when he's downloaded random games! I have no idea how he learned that?). But we enjoy our weekend family movies. Applying for schools is hard we want the kids at Steiner. Have just applied for Raine as River's wasn't accepted straight away. It's a scary process! I'll miss him when he has to go.
Anyway hope you feel filled in, I'm out xx

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