Thursday, 20 December 2012

Fresh Lift Personal Training

As the end of the year approaches and 2013 is looking to be bigger and even more badass, I thought I should include in my blog some shameless work promotion. Cathryn has just started working with me and I thought some of you would like to see just HOW we can improve your life and start shaping your fitness journey.

Personal Training has been my passion over the past four years, I have worked with some amazing individuals to help them lose weight, shred, bulk up, get army ready, compete in fitness comps, shape up over pre-season, during pregnancy and post partum, and I have even rehabilitated a few knee reco's, and a nasty case or two of bursitis...
Everyone that I train is amazing, I'm a huge believer that people come into our life for a reason and I have connected really well to most of my clients past and present. There is always the odd challenge though, the client that you cannot reach for whatever reason, and I guess this is why the industry in-joke is about us being more like counsellors!

My style of training is abit of an ecclectic mix. I have been storing exercise articles from magazines and health books since I was 12, and my background in dance and gymnastics means I am a stickler for form. It's seriously like I am the technique nazi and I'm known to get nasty when I see people with rounded shoulders or hunch backs...dont get me started on handstand pushups or the girl at gym who actually hits her butt each time she does kettlebell swings!!! I have trained with a trainer since I was 18years old so have come across many styles, I've done your typical figure competitor training which I actually hated and it didnt really change my body for the better. I've done the whole light weight, lotsa reps training which didnt do much either, functional training helped with my coordination although being a dancer, it was things that I could easily do so it didnt change my body or challenge me. The best mix for me has been dance, crossfit and yoga. Thats what I have done after having River & I think my body looked the best it ever had! So often times it's trial and error. With my clients, I always start of with functional training, once they can master good movement patterns, activate TVA correctly, fix any postural issues and show me a dedication to their own health then it is time to start smashing it! I cant wait to become a crossfit coach in Feb, even if I strongly oppose kipping handstand pushups and ridiculously wide-knee squats, haha!

And a note from Cathryn:

Welcome to the start of a new and Healthy life!
I am Cathryn, a mother of two from Chirnside Park. My daughter Amelia is 9 years old and my son William is one year old. 3 months after the birth of my daughter I was 117 kilo’s and with good food, exercise and a personal trainer of my own I lost 52 kilos and now feel on top of the world.
My passion and goal is to help every person I come in contact with start on their path to a healthier and more active lifestyle. Through personal training and an active weekly plan, everyone can feel as great as I do now.
Another passion of mine is working with mothers like myself during their pregnancy and beyond.
Remember: Believe you can and your half way there!

Stay tuned for some inspirational before/after shots and some hopefully amazing testamonials.
Check out my facebook group "Fresh Lift Personal Training" for daily inspiration, recipes and even competitions!!!

Be fit & healthy going into the festive season, dont loose sight of your goals! Here I have the 10 Commandments of Silly Season Sexiness:

1. This is your LIFESTYLE thus it is a way of life...sure it might be tempting to indulge over Christmas and make some new years resolutions but instead of starting over, keep being AWESOME!

2. Be organised! Plan your meals just like you do during the year, if you know you want to have a few Chrissy drinks then eat a big healthy meal beforehand and lots of water with you. It's ok to indulge a little but if you structure your meals you wont need to.

3. Eat small and often.

4. Learn to leave something on your's ok really. And if you are worried about wasting food while others starve then open up your wallets not your mouth!

5. Eat slowly. Enjoy the taste, texture, the company you are in, and be truly thankful for all that you have.

6. Enjoy your food. Do not use it as a reward or punishment. You are not a dog.

7. Dont feel deprived. This leads to binging. Refer to commandment 1. this is a lifestyle not a diet.

8. Move it!! Get up and get moving. I am working through Christmas & the new year as is Cathryn. Keep your appointments, go for a walk, get active and LIVE.

9. Get enough sleep. Go to sleep and get up at the same everyday. Lack of sleep can add inches to the waistline. Baby keeping you up at night? Consider co-sleeping, otherwise be patient & know that it wont last forever.

10. Use any holidays to relax and recharge. We have some seriously big things planned for prepared :)

Cheers & Giggles xx