Tuesday, 16 September 2014

And the days continue :)

Yesterday I was able to stomach food :) I ate a slice of Vegemite toast, a ginger & fruit fresh juice, a vegan cupcake, vegetable soup, a piece of sushi, some crackers and a pita bread pizza. Brilliant! I have gotten myself into a little morning routine of leg toning and some yoga poses. Today I feel well enough to train after a shared breakfast at Vegie Bar and a trip to the museum. Still really battling lethargy and lack of motivation. Looking forward to lunch of salad rolls and the best vegan veggie burgers. 
Looking forward to work changes is scary, I'm going to be too tired to keep up my usual pace so I have to be really smart about what I do next. I do not want to burn out while I am on a roll! 

All I managed was to clean the gym with E and a few strict dips & pull ups. I'm so tired and emotional 

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