Wednesday, 10 September 2014

All good things come in threes

3.25pm 10th September, two days after I turn 27years...two pink lines appear on a test costing less than $8. I knew yesterday when a familiar rush of night time nausea came over me. Blame all the beautiful women around me with their gorgeous babies...have me clucking all over the place!
So I'm documenting everything this time could well be my last pregnancy, birth and baby.
I've been really tired and emotional over the past few weeks, especially run down and had been feeling hopeless the last few days. So I'm glad that there is a reason and I am not a complete crazy person working herself into the ground. I'm nervous because our financial situation is not ideal, but I suppose it can't get any worse than it's been in the past few years! It also concerns me that it will bring new change to our family dynamic, which is already changing due to Nick finding someone that he digs :) but I know that each of us has so much love to give, so I doubt any child of ours will ever feel excluded or favored. 
I have been breastfeeding now in total for three years and two months...I am NOT looking forward to gaining weight and I am not ecstatic about tandem feeding again, though I will as Raine most likely won't be quite two years old (dates uncertain). My diet has been ok though I did enjoy a few drinks over the weekend, I cut down to one coffee a day.
River has been unwell for a while now and tonight has been throwing up for apparently no reason, so we're all snuggled up in our bed together. I'm praying for a good night sleep for all of us. Do I always bite off more than I can chew?

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