Thursday, 10 April 2014

Things to come

The main reason I am writing today, that I want to share with you my list of things to come!
Currently I have four beautiful pregnant clients and know at least three more, so I thought I would write a three part blog series.
1. Birth, postpartum & breastfeeding
2. Cloth nappies & EC
3. BLW & attachment parenting
It will be a comprehensive guide of resources for the Melbourne Crunchy Mumma.
My littlest love has been not sleeping well for the last month or so...I assume it's teeth but I also feel that my cutie bum likes to be in a clean/dry EC (elimination communication) has really begun in our home. 
Especially as nappies don't dry in my house in winter!!!
Check out
As the site is coming together :) 
Having a chat with some beautiful friends about how much pressure we put on ourselves and reading a few articles has really hit home for me that I need to take care of myself a little more. I need to allow myself some breathing space, to let go of trying to achieve perfection, to stop worrying about money and be really and truly grateful for what I have. The people around me are so supportive and loving. The community at CrossFit Croydon has honestly lifted my little family right up, I will ALWAYS be thankful for the people that allow us to do what we love doing, that spend their hard earned cash to validate all of the hours of study we do. Today alone I received a little gift and some incredible messages from people loving the results they achieve from training in such a positive space! It can be incredibly hard when you literally have no money and four mouths to feed, and I had been holding on to anger at the fact we have to start all over. In trying to turn it around I know that one day soon we will have enough money that we don't have to stress about food, bills will be paid and we'll be in a position to never rent a factory or house again. And in starting over we have a better space, a more positive environment, an ego-free place where no one calls you a bitch for being thinner than them or lifting heavier, no one cares if you use a band to pull-up or a stick to weightlift with, people improve all the time and coaching is consistent. 
Thanks for allowing me to speak freely and honestly, to show the awesome times and the darker times. For reading and caring. For sharing the lessons I have learnt. This blog helps me work through it all; parenting and being an entrepreneur. 
I'd also like to quickly direct some love to my amazing friends who are going through some challenges. It is an honour to be part of the support you are needing right now. It's humbling to understand that everyone you know is on their own journey, has their own demons and challenges, as well as their own joy. 
Here's to everyone taking a little pressure OFF themselves and allowing time to be vulnerable.