Tuesday, 16 September 2014

This is Tuesday 16th Sept

For some reason I find Tuesdays unbareable. Possibly because my Mondays are lengthy...I don't like to get out of bed. I'm also in the throes of horrid nausea on the verge of being ill with a splitting headache. All I want is fresh juice and toast. Not exactly a healthful food intake or mindset. I also love soup. 
I'm feeling overwhelmed yet underwhelmed, I seem to have lost motivation for anything. First trimester sucks and I wish I was lying on a warm bed somewhere sunny, not in my room with construction going on in our subdivided block. Speaking of....can people PLEASE STOP SUBDIVIDING?! Seriously stop being so greedy. We need yards, and space and more people need the opportunity to purchase a home, with a yard and some damn privacy. I've lived in a unit almost for the last 17years and it STINKS. One day I will own a home and I know that all my "non conforming" friends of the hippy variety will tell me it's not terribly important, but to me it is. I don't want much just a sense of belonging and ownership. No relentless tradesmen in my front yard, no greedy pig landlords, no home inspections, no nosy neighbors. I'm working on it people, I just have to get my ducks in a row and pay some wonderful people back.
So I'm a tad melancholy today. Like most Tuesdays. Feel free to cheer me up :)

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