Tuesday, 30 September 2014

8.5weeks 29th Sept

So the scan revealed a tiny mini baby butter bean, ONLY 8.5weeks along-ridiculous I feel HUGE!! I keep hearing that its the third, don't worry blah blah. I look 4months pregnant not TWO!
And I feel quite ill and it could get much worse...
This morning started with fruit salad and a piece of toast, a productive work shift followed by adminitration work for our WOD-a-thon Challenge. We had nachos and salad rolls for lunch then I went to CrossFit Knoxfeild to train with awesome box owner Simon. Power Snatched light, 3 tap and go at 33kg working speed. Then I rested while Simon did Isabel (30 power snatches for time) and we did a fun 3 rounder of 20 pistol squats, 5m handstand walk, 20 hollow rocks, 5m handstand walk.
After a long drive home (power was out) I sort of fell in a heap. So we had gorgeous leek and potato soup with crusty bread for dinner and are chillaxing watching the second Narnia movie while E has gone to train. 
Anyway goodnight, I'll be releasing this very soon xx

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