Monday, 8 July 2013

A happy update

Because a Facebook post is never enough...
We were blessed to welcome baby Raine Lee Blyth earth side on June 30th at 1pm. It was a beautiful healing home birth that lasted 16 hours of hard work. I was supported every step of the way by Eric, my sister Lozzie, our friend/photographer/client Donna, and our two amazing brilliant midwives. I never once felt like a client, I felt nothing but love in our space. Nick & River had some daddy/son time as it was abit intense for Riv & I really needed to focus on the labour. I'm writing my birth story to share at a later date. I don't feel like a super hero for doing what I believe is normal and natural. But I am so proud that we researched the best option for us to bring Raine into the world & we ROCKED it. We've even been asked to be guest speakers at a talk on vbac later in the year.
So she is a beautiful peaceful addition to our family. We haven't swaddled her once, she has fed really well without shields (I had to use them for Riv for 9weeks & had all sorts of issues afterward). I cried so hard after her birth because I could feel my legs...but I have no resentment left about Rivers birth. The issue was NOT my body, it was NOT Rivers was the time frames & the system that I don't fit into. 
So big thankyou to anyone that followed this journey, that believed in me, that supported me. I am so thankful ❤ 
Here are some sneaky snaps, I will blog again soon. 

Cheers & Giggles xx