Saturday, 7 July 2012

So...thought I should update you all. River is not only walking independently now, but he is also saying "nononono" haha!! After and despite all of my efforts an older lady said "no" to him about 75 times whilst we were out the other sponge liked the sound of it and it has stuck. At least for the moment he just says it quietly and not actually in defiance. Another little quirk I thought to son has this funny little African accent, to hear him say "towel" sounds hilarious. My godson had a little American accent when he was first talking too! He can now tell me my full name and say to River "goodnight Rivvy, love you" he also told his mummy that she was beautiful when I was training her last night! There is so much to look forward to being a mum. There is so much magic that has already happened.(I said this as I was whacked in the face!) What a beautiful freezing Melbourne morning, I hope you are all getting some vitamin D and some exercise. Cheers & giggles Xx

Monday, 2 July 2012

Nutrition information overload

Hi guys :) Quick update: River is a healthy, happy little munchkin the majority of the time. Some nights h wakes only twice, other nights every few hours...I am glad I can usually snuggle him back to sleep or feed him as he so desires. The best lesson I have learnt is that if I'm not worried about his sleeping patterns or a strict routine the more relaxed we both are and the better sleep I get. No, I dont think a baby is capable of manipulation, I treat all of his wants as his needs, I know in my heart that my son will grow up to be independent, secure and confident that his needs will be met. I fully believe that our children identify with the labels that we give them...a reason that I avoid labelling River as anything detrimental. Call a child "difficult" and that is what will manifest. So my bub doesnt "sleep through"...we all still get enough sleep (most of the time!). River is fed to sleep or cuddled to sleep, we have lots of sleep associations (his blanket, his "Elly", dim lighting etc) and he is gaining more independence by the day. My "alternative" parenting style works well for us :) Part time EC is still working and River is now stepping (his record is 6 steps) although not walking independently yet. It can be difficult not to succumb to competition and pressure...but I know he will do things when he is ready to. Man can that kid chat though! He is very verbal and its lovely hearing him learn new words. He still doesnt say "no" which I love...Mayim Bialik wrote a great account of her boys learning "not for ___________" instead of that awful "no" phase. I'm proud of my son, and I'm proud of myself...for following my instincts and not letting anyone tell me how to raise my child, for being kind to the earth while being kind to my family, for not feeling sorry for myself when it may be easier to shirk parental responsibility. I loose it, he can grate on my nerves, he is currently testing out how loud his voice can be, and sometimes I'd just like to have a minute where somebody elses welfare isnt my number one priority. But I created him & brought him into this can I demand that he sleep when I want him to? How can I expect him to be quiet when it is socially acceptible and not bash on my computer when I'm trying to study....? He cant even cook himself dinner!! So for the most part I just let it be. And I sometimes ask for help when I need it ;) hehe.

So...onto the nutrition component of the blog, basically I prescribe to these basic principles:

  • I eat no animal products (not even free-range eggs haha)
  • I try to eat as close to nature as possible...also known as "whole foods". But I do love bread and pasta, nut spreads, coconut yogurt and tofu! And by golly do vegan chocolate and I have a love-hate relationship!
  • I aim to eat 80% Alkaline & just 20% acidic foods daily
  • I try to eat every 2.5-3hrs to maintain my metabolism
  • Organic is best, local is better
  • I allow myself to eat what I feel like without getting down about it...everyone feels like "junk food" occasionally and I simply love eating out with friends and family. These days I refuse to get hung up on what I eat...that way I dont spiral into depression & self has taken me a very long time to get to this point. The point where I actually love food, feel good about eating and use it as medicine and nourishment. I find that I prefer nutritious, wholesome foods anyway - winning :D
What do vegans eat.

This is a lifestyle...NOT a diet. There are no "cheat meals" there is no half assing it. I go to bed at night knowing my existance doesnt harm another mamal...and yeah I am proud of it though I understand it isnt for everyone. Most people think they wont like vegan meals...most people with tastebuds can enjoy a vegan diet. Another thing I hear is people assuming it is more expensive...well yes I try to buy organic which does cost a little more, but since being vegan I havent once been ill enough to miss work...the money I will save on my health is WORTH it, and if I can feed River & I on $100 per week, then I really dont feel like it is a costly diet.
I like to have a warm lemon water when I get up. If I am rushing, I usually wait until coffee time (weak soy latte with raw sugar is devine...) which I try to avoid at least one day each week. In winter I am having oats with soymilk, cinnamon and berries (frozen or fresh). About twice a week I have avocado on rye with tomato and spinach.
Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. My house always has stocked: quinoa, fresh veg & fruit, wild rice, buckwheat pasta, mungbean pasta, pumpernickle type bread, tofu, nut butters, chia seeds, chilli, soymilk (bonsoy yummmmmmm), coconut oil & flour, olive oil, coconut yogurt, hommus (if I cbf making my own), garlic and ginger, beans, lentils and legumes, and sea vegetables.
Dont hate carbs...they provide essential vitamins and mireals for metabolising protien, waste removal, and energy release.Whole grains are a perfect fuel for the human body.
As a side note; River is vegan despite being breastfed...human milk for human babies!

Alkaline/Acidic Foods

"All food leaves an ash residue after metabolism which is either alkaline or acidic, depending on the mineral composition of foods and the way in which individuals digest them...the human body needs an alkaline environment to continue proper functioning of vital organs" Dr. T. Baroody

Extremely alkalising foods include lemons & watermelon, papaya, watercress, seaweed, and asparagus. Moderately alkalising foods includevapples, spinach, carob, beans and vinegar. Slighly alkalising foods include almonds, mushrooms, tofu and coconut. Neutral foods include much dairy food and blueberries. Lentils, olives and seeds are slightly acid forming. Skinless potato, wine and oats are moderately acid forming. Beer, coffee, meat and artificial sweetners are extremely acid forming.

For babies

Until they cut thier two year molars, avoid wheat. This is a good indicator that their body is producing the right digestive enzymes to break it down. River has a very basic diet...please dont confuse this with me "depriving" him of anything. Our bodies are taught to crave salty, sugary, processed shit. Imagine if your parents taught you to desire only the freshest of seasonal fruit and veg, the highest quality organic grains and delicious flavoursome nutritionall dense foods...pretty sure you'd thank them as one day I hope to be thanked. My aim is to give my children an understanding of where their food comes from, where the roof over their head comes from, that things dont just materialise...part of that is respect and compassion and I think that not enough emphasis is placed on this understanding of the way the world works.

Anyway I could be here all day running off my "hippy philosphies"...I hope you all have enjoyed today's blog. Please comment and tell me what you would like to read more about. As promised...boobs:

Cheers & Giggles