Sunday, 20 May 2012

Oh hey :)

It has been a month since my last blog and Wow... Blogger has a new look...not fair to the techno-impairdo (i.e me).
So in my absence, my little man had his first trip to the hospital with croup and he will be turning one on Wednesday. Almost a whole year without any illness and at 11months had his first panadol, oral steroids and adrenaline gas. It was pretty sad that his poor body wasnt coping but he did manage to bounce back and was never too bothered by being unwell. Trooper :D
Of note is the crazy emotional tidal wave I am currently riding. This time last year I was impatiently waiting for my contractions to become consistent, by 8am the next day we were in full swing...62hours later my beautiful baby boy was in my arms. What a year it has been. I have nourished him, watched him smile for the first time, roll, crawl, have his first foods, stand, and begin to talk. He is so funny and intelligent, so cheeky and sweet. And I am a mother, forever more I will be, and I am revelling in this role.

My workout for you all today is the basics that I teach each and everyone of my clients and encourage them to practice these exercises weekly. Enjoy...

Diaphram Breathing: as you breathe in, keep your ribcage still, fill your belly out with breath. When you exhale, draw your stomach to your spine. Can be done in any position and is a great tool for connecting your mind to the breath and body, works also to soothe your baby.

TVA activation: draw your knees into your chest whilst slipping your knuckles under your lower back. Maintaining this spinal position, slowly lower one foot to the ground at a time. If this is easy for you, progress to lowering both feet at the same time. Once you can easily do this (without activating the hip flexors) you can extend the legs and slowly lower your heels to the floor.

Hip Bridge: keeping your knees, hips and ankles aligned, raise your hips to the roof ensuring your shoulders are pressing down and back from your neck. When this position is easily held for one minute, you can slowly bring one knee to chest, with the hips aligned.

Upside Down Dead Bug: in a 4point position, wrists under shoulders/knees under hips, neutral spine. Slowly lift one limb at a time off the ground to a horizontal position. When this is mastered, try to take the opposite arm and leg off at the same time.

Finally, my fave exercise of the week, tuck rock to stand:

In conclusion today I would like to give you some inspiration...

Cheers & Giggles xx