Friday, 3 April 2015

Bali with babies

So we departed from Melbourne, as the weather began to change. We left in the afternoon and boarded the plane for Denpasar at 6.55pm. There were a few hitches in that it didnt look like we would be seated together at first, and then I assumed Riv would watch a movie then fall asleep and Raine would pass out in the ergo on Eric. We did sit together and while Eric walked Raine to sleep, I read to River and ALL BY HIMSELF he shifted, put the blanket on and fell asleep. It was amazing, after almost four years the kid can sleep! Raine was unfortunately woken by a screaming toddler and spent most of the flight cycling through each and every emotion possible...but thankfully was very quiet so did not disturb anyone else. Loz & Jake met us at the airport* and we stayed for a night in Denpasar. It was a rough 24hrs with the flight and the time difference and the over-tired toddlers...I found myself incredibly frustrated and snappy and unhappy. We ate a bunch of fried noodles and plain toast for breakfast then headed to Ubud to settle in. We didnt really leave our hotel too much as we had a private pool, free shuttle into town, little kitchenette and company in my sister and husband. We ate at 

  • Alchemy
  • Veggie Tables
  • The Earth Cafe
  • Swasti Eco Resort-Beloved Eath Cafe
  • Soma
  • another raw place on the same street as Soma
That was the only expensive part of our trip! We didnt shop or anything so we could spend maximum time relaxing. I managed two beautiful classes at Yoga Barn and a visit to the Monkey Forrest. Next time I would like to go to Nusa Lombongan, Seminyak for at least a day trip and to do a little more exploring.
Eric rode to Canggu to complete 15.5, the last of the Open workouts, with S2S CrossFit but I felt like the heat would have killed me if I attempted to travel that far and do the workout. top tips for travelling with toddlers:

Do not travel outnumbered, make sure there are two hands for each child!
Catch planes at a convenient time for the child, if you dont think you can entertain your kids for 6hours then travel at night, if you dont think your kids will sleep then travel during the day.
Expect a day or two of ridiculous behaviour as kids adjust to a new time, a new culture and a new climate.
Pack food where ever you go! We had vegan healthy meals to eat in the airport each time and found that the kids slept well without a huge overdose on sugar...thats also why we stayed in Ubud as we knew we had access to vegan and organic food.
We had pencils and filled a huge notepad with drawing each day, we read chapters of The Faraway Tree, and despite having TOO much fun most days with Uncle Jake, River learnt to swim underwater and we just had to go with it.

Anyway... pregnancy is progressing, no one got sick whilst we were away, we are adjusting slowly to home life and excited for the month ahead.

Happy Easter x

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