Tuesday, 10 March 2015

The end of summer

Yesterday I did so much good for myself!
We ran an epic 2hr CrossFit class for 15.2, it was seriously a very cool morning with the kids being awesome and our friends and members just being super supportive of everyone. Our box is really growing in all of the best ways imaginable! It's really hard when people leave still, especially those that could give it a red hot go! But you know, training is not for everybody all of the time, I just hope that a lifestyle of health is followed because of people's experience with us.
We hit our target of having 70 members in our birthday month and that is just so cool...there were so many months I said to Eric that I just couldn't see it happening...where growth was slow or classes small. My vision is to have every class booked out and we have so much going on behind the scenes to grow our little business and keep tweaking it until the desired outcomes are reached. 
The most wonderful thing overall is just being surrounded by like minded people. Those that live and breathe a healthy life, those that work hard, those that have HUGE dreams of making the world a better place. 
For our family to be so included in our friends lives is such a blessing. Because having kids changes so much. And especially having more than one. 
On Sunday we got to hang out with the ODIN performance training team which Eric has been a part of for a few months, again it was super cool to spend time with other people all striving to better themselves physically and mentally. Both Josh and Paris are super switched on dudes, it's exciting to be part of their journey because I know these men will achieve big things both in their seperate ventures and with the training team. As always I am really humbled by the CrossFit community, it's truly the only sport where you can be technically competing against someone and at the same time cheering for them with every fibre of your being! And I really have to say that CrossFit is the only sport I've ever been a part of that females tend to be super supportive of one another rather than judgemental. It's very cool.
On Sunday night I was feeling super wiped as we'd been at the gym since 8.30am and spent most of our day there so I was almost dreading Monday...and it turned out to be the best morning ever haha! We went out for brunch afterwards and we'll skip over the hangries and the screaming kids (very patient friends!!) Eric taking the kids to Healsville Sanctuary so that I could have some down time and clean the house uninterrupted. I ate a whole serving of organic corn chips to myself, drank a kombucha uninterrupted, danced around like a maniac, made magic multi purpose spray and cleaned the house from top to bottom. I read and relaxed for quite a bit, stretched out my sore muscles, did some admin work and felt super stress free. The house feels amazing. Safe to say we've hit the nesting phase...
I popped a hair treatment in, when the fam got home and we enjoyed a very carb based dinner before reading and bedtime.
Unfortunately Raine did not sleep well and this morning I woke up feeling restless and exhausted, so E has taken the kids to the gym and I haven't moved from my bed except to go to the toilet, seriously this bub is sitting right on my bladder!! I was given delicious fresh watermelon for breakfast and a coffee, and am reading (savoring) the latest Collective mag whilst contemplating how to change the world and increase the funds in my pocket.
I'm working on a very cool project and have actually found amazing people to help me get it done, this is nerve wracking AND as always watch this space!!!!
With love, abundance and belief in the good of the world and having a miniature break every now and again - Sares 

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