Sunday, 30 November 2014

Beautiful Sunday Vibes

Raine Lee woke at 6.15am for a feed, I'd been half awake from about 3am when I had seen Riv cuddling Raine in their sleep and then Raine ended up with her toes up my nose. After a feed, a tantrum about doing a wee on the potty, and doing a wee on the potty...Eric took our beautiful babies to eat their first breakfast and he shut the bedroom door, allowing me a peaceful sleep-in.
I was then woken at 7.30am looking up to see my gorgeous sunflowers and presented with a cup of tea and a passionfruit which I kept aside for later. Eric took the kids to Coles for last min breakfast supplies and Raf, the cat, came up for a snuggle while I enjoyed my tea. I did some yoga uninterrupted. Everyone got home and we prepared a breakfast feast for the family and our friend Siggy. We drank yummy bonsoy coffee, had hash browns (rice bran oil fried potato) on linseed toast with avocado and tomato, and finished off with a smoothie of frozen mango, coconut milk and passionfruit.
Siggy gifted us some pretty flowers (I love getting flowers it just doesn't get old!) and we had lovely chats about birth and babies and running business. 
Our home is so small that it needs to be kept clean and having more than one guest at a time can be very full on, but both Eric and I love having people come over and eating together, so we'll have to do this more often.
Raine is asleep on the bed, the sun is shining beautifully and we have a cruisey plan for the day; cleaning, programming, Open gym and debrief for our challenge, I have a few articles to write and some things to plan out for 2015. I'm hoping that we might be able to have someone help us with the kids this afternoon so we can prepare for the week ahead.
Not many people know but every Saturday after our trial WOD I head over to Kim Annette Dance Studio for a class of lyrical. This year with the new business and my pregnancy I've only done one class but I am hoping next year I might be able to do a few in a row. I've been dancing since I was 2years old and have done calisthenics and gymnastics too. It's dancing that makes me feel alive...the way it feels to PB a lift is the way I feel each time I start dancing. This week I have a dress rehearsal on Tuesday night and a concert on both Friday night and Sunday. 
On the Saturday between, we have our comp between CrossFit Bayswater and Croydon followed by our Christmas party. This year has been amazing...the people we've surrounded ourselves with are so good for the soul. I'm proud that we've survived the year, built another gym from scratch and managed not to become completely consumed by the things that aren't so crash hot. 
I love the sunshine, and while we have a lot of work to do today...Eric is playing play station while I'm blogging, River is playing Lego and Raine is couldn't get much sweeter than this.

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