Monday, 8 December 2014

Almost half way

19 weeks down the "bumpy" road. Strange that I haven't yet given this bub a nickname...but Eric felt the little thing kick four times last night :) We have a scan in a weeks time just to make sure things are going well, I'm still experiencing nighttime nausea and have discovered I'm not immune to pelvic pain. Dancing this last week destroyed my poor pelvis but luckily my hips are still even and with a bit of glute stretching and yoga I'm feeling ok.
Tomorrow morning I get to sleep in and oh my am I going to soak that up...the kids have not been sleeping well lately, we've been super busy and I'm sure the stress rubs off on them. However, generally both kids have been awesome and River especially is very sweet with my tummy and the baby. Raine is so cheeky and hilarious though Elimination Communication has been disastrous in the last few weeks. I've literally just had shit everywhere...everyone else's shit to deal with!
Sometimes it's hard, I caught myself the other night wishing that someone else could just come and put the kids to sleep for us so Eric and I could finish our paperwork when not delerious with exhaustion. But I know it's worth it. Eric is putting the kids to bed now because I cannot peel myself off the couch after just weeks of not stopping. 
Our battle of the burbs inter house CrossFit comp between ourselves and Bayswater was a big success. The day ran very smooth and professionally. We had amazing vegan catering & coffee, our athletes were really great at encouraging their team mates and every competitor from Bayswater. The vibe was pumping! It's not easy to be the owners, operators, programmers and head coaches of 60 athletes...but I am pretty damn glad that we are. We know our athletes, we are good athletes ourselves (well, Eric is!), we're phenomenal coaches (if I do say so myself) and we're getting better at being business really showed me that. We had one member recovering from ankle surgery and one with hamstring tendonitis in our 6am WOD, we had a new member in the 9am, and we had coachy join in with the 5.30pm crew after a minor back injury. To have these people come in and be able to smash out a workout despite individual limitations...this is what makes my heart sing! 
Dance concert on Friday night was pretty awful, I made a few mistakes and was generally feeling really put me off. I nearly didn't go to be honest...and I really truly did not want to go on Sunday. But I did go and I did so much better in the Sunday show (the one that's filmed!) so I've finished the fifth year at KADS, on a positive note and am looking forward to Raine starting next year! 
I was going to train today but I really am very tired after teaching yoga and think an early night is on the cards. Also got some wonderful kudos from a new yoga member that literally made my week :)
So tomorrow is a big day...a sleep in, crepe breakfast, training, Rivs swimming (get to wear new lulu bathers!), Santa photos and hanging out with the kids. Eric is working a late night so wish me luck with the kids!!!
Haha, I hope you're all feeling updated and happy. I'm just happy 2015 planning is nearly complete and that I'm using my KikiK 2015 diary.
Dream big and work hard xxx

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