Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Sunday 28th Sept

Today was beautiful, sun was shining and despite Raine Lee not receiving the memo that it was a sleep-in day it was all round good fun. We trekked to Abbotsford for Admiral Cheng Ho vegan feast breakfast and then Raine napped in the car while I napped on my towel in the sun. Eric had a business meeting so the kids and I took Marli for a walk. After lunch I had another quick nap then we all headed to Open Gym. We've just hired two cleaners so we had the bliss of actually training! Hit 35kg snatches and 45kg C&J. Just spent lots of time on technique, timing and rest. If I can keep my weights here through pregnancy I'll be happy and it won't take too long post partum to get my strength back. 
We have a big day tomorrow so we'll finish programming and planning tonight with hopefully a little cleaning of the home thrown in ;)
Feeling ok! Scan is Monday...and I had my front teeth "helped" and a good plan in place to manage my dental care over the next year. Hopefully things will start building up and up now.

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