Tuesday, 28 October 2014

22nd Sept Monday

Today was ok, a beautiful sunny day. Got to work at 8.15am with kids and I fed and dressed (thanks Nick) finished work at 11.30am and headed home where Eric and kids let me sleep for a whole hour! Blissful. We then all had a nice chilled out afternoon of getting things done around the house and playing in the sunshine. Work called my name again for the nighttime WOD and a fun yoga class and by the time I got home the kids were asleep so Eric and I cuddled on the couch to watch Criminal Minds. During the morning, I did a few sets of front squats and in the afternoon popped my ankle weights on to complete my booty shaping routine. I also practiced my double unders and have them a bit more consistent now. My food intake was not amazing: breakfast muffin and chia pudding at 7.30am, vegan toasties at 11.30am, pasta at 4pm and some rice with roast veg at 8pm. I also had some fresh oj and a few herbal teas. I'm feeling super bloated and my belly is definitely noticeable. 

This week has been eye opening for me and really consolidated that Eric has better judgement of character than I do when not involved and both of us are probably too quick to see the best in people. We've been burnt quite a lot in this past year and I can't lie and say it's been easy. Sometimes I'm not even sure if it's worth continuing...I dream of packing it in and running away to Byron. But as Eric said yesterday, work hard now, reap the rewards in a few's a good life and it works for our family when we aren't crippled with stress.
Again, huge thanks to my blog followers, the supportive acquaintances, my long time friends, my new friends and members for keeping us honest and humble xxx

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