Friday, 10 October 2014

Social Media Shits

I'm sitting here (well laying down actually) after a ginormous morning, yeah baby I managed to coach 6am CrossFit class (total babes), eat hash brown breakfast, bake a cake for my sister and Cam, train one of my favorite clients, coach the amazing CrossFit Mummas, teach another fave yogi client, coach the 12pm CrossFit class and eat a scrumptious lunch at Kofi Beans WITHOUT falling in a heap! Once home I did some financial goal setting...the situation appears dire but I'm excited to plan for my families future and to know where our income is being invested. So now I've flopped on the bed before I head off to work again...and I'm having a breastfeeding break from Raine (for at least a few hours) as she has split my nipple (a repeated nip-lash injury....mums will get it!).
Anyway I am flipping through a trash mag and then scrolling through Instagram. To be honest I don't feel particularly inspired, today I just feel fat! I feel like I'm not amazing because I'm definitely not a size 0, I don't look like a twig with a basketball whilst pregnant, I didn't bounce back to the leanest person in the world...all those high school taunts creep in "short and stumpy" "cute and chubby"....and I start thinking, maybe I should eat less food. I should jump on the quit sugar train, should I throw out my carbs? Perhaps I should juice everything? I know, a Detox!! You can't out train a bad diet...blah blah blah
So. What I have that tonight after training I'm going to meditate. In reclining virasana (hero) for 5mins. I'm going to chill the fuck out with myself. Because I have a great body, a blessed body, a loved body and a body that makes and feeds babies like nobodies business. I have a body that enables me to stretch, to sweat, to inspire. I have a cruelty-free body. I have a body that my partner fucking LOVES. I should love it a little more too ;)


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