Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Catch Up 7th Oct Radelaide

So on the weekend, Eric and I were busy soaking up everything we possibly could from our CrossFit L2 course. We were instructed by absolute BOSSES and got to know many awesome coaches and other affiliate owners. Matt Swift said I had a "pretty" clean!!!!!!!!!!! And I managed both workouts both days just keeping the kgs light/challenging.
But on the same weekend my dad was playing football (AFL) in a Carnival in Adelaide when he was tackled quite brutally. He suffered 5 fractures in his cervical spine, and the tackler suffered a few broken ribs. Worried about our dad, Alex (sister) and I decided to drive up with the kids and Jess (step sis) wanted to come for mutual support of both dad and her mum, who has stood by dad's side since he was hospitalized.
So we packed the kids and some random gear into the car and headed off on a 10hr drive to Glenelg. Which is beautiful! Our hotel room is overlooking the ocean. It's unfortunate that we have to leave so early tomorrow. 
Dad's surgery will be on Thursday and we're hoping and praying he's home mid next week.
My diet yesterday was awful! I had some toast before leaving (I think), 3 lollipops, half a block of choc, half a bag of chips, lentil chips, gummy bears, a ginger beer, some pumpkin soup and a cape seed roll. Then we finally had pasta for dinner at the crappest place ever. (All food was vegan, mostly organic, super expensive and it took 2hrs to find something vegan on the damn trip for tea!).
Today I found a vegan cafe and I had bruschetta while Riv had smashed avo, we shared a veggie juice and a caramel treat afterwards, I had mushroom soup for lunch, skittles and a Cliff bar, numerous Vegemite bread slices and then a gorgeous vegan and organic pizza in the loveliest organic pizza place I've ever seen ;) with a freshly squeezed oj. But I started to feel really unwell and here I am in bed now. I haven't had enough water either day.
Anyway an early start tomorrow and I shall be home to my lover and my fur babies, home to the box and my people.
Sending my dad all of the healing vibes xx

Today is Thursday, I've woken up in my own bed, been delivered tofu scramble in said bed by my very sexy man, and am planning out how to tackle the day. So far I have updated both Instagram (personal), Facebook (business) and Members page, organised a team meeting and have a list of people to call. Today I will be spending 1-2hrs on the phone (if people pick up!), cleaning the study, programming, creating our Challenge posters, doing some yoga study, walking the pooches all while of course looking after the kids! Raines talking has reached new heights as she has learnt to speak in little sentences and conversations for example the whole way home "mummy" "yes Raine" "ummm" "mummy" "yeah babe" "ummmm" haha. And now she says River clear as day. She loves playing games that involve copying and is mostly very nurturing with the best arm (throw) on a baby ever. Though this week she has also had the biggest melt downs I've ever seen and it's been very very hard to handle. Raine is very loud at the best of times...River is still being a typical 3year old with an 8year old vocabulary haha. He's very sweet and gentle while at the same time has SO much energy that he finds it difficult to control himself. He's also very into pushing boundaries and being very moody. Yesterday I copped several "whatever mate"s and he sighs a lot. He's also very into guns and swords which I cannot stand but also somehow failed to stop. I'm disappointed to be honest, I don't know where he picked up the gun thing but the swords came from the movie Epic. So that's what I'm dealing with currently.
Both kids are little smarty pants and cheeky as anything, they play well together and eat everything they can get their hands on! 

Business is going well, it's a long road to success I will be for us. The November challenge will hopefully be an awesome way to give people the kick up the butt they need or at least really define what CrossFit Croydon is all about. Building an empire takes time, doing something you love is such a process...refining skills and staying true to the core values of the company. The fitness industry still often let's me down, I think standards for all trainers needs to be much much higher. Especially when it comes to prenatal care and post partum training. But that's a blog for another day. Nick has taken the kids to the park, Eric is at work...time for me to attack my list of To Do's!

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