Sunday, 26 October 2014

Finally 3months!

What have you achieved in the last three months? 
Our business has grown, I've PB'd my lifts, I've gotten yoga poses I've been working on for months, I've connected better to my partner and had a close friendship change dynamics again. I've cemented new friendships, felt more confident in my path, we nearly lost our dad in a football injury...I've paid for a flight to Bali next year, I've questioned myself and my intentions everyday...more importantly I've started growing another little human!

The changes have been dramatic and the exhaustion hit me like a tonn of bricks from about 4weeks! Nausea stepped in at 7weeks and is still hanging around at night. I was so bloated from 6weeks to now, though I managed to train through with few modifications. So many emotions shine through when a baby is due...I feel scared and not prepared at all, I feel like my body is letting me down in training. I feel excited to nurture another baby and proud of my parenting thus far. I feel HUGE and find body image issues coming in. I feel sad that this will most likely be our last baby. I've journaled everything...I've been better with writing, I've made more plans. Things people say and do have hurt more than usual. I've been better at peace, and faster to get cranky! 
So today Eric let me lie in bed after a huge day yesterday, he made me hash browns on avo toast and a cup of tea. I've had a row of chocolate and he's making me lunch of pasta now. We have Open Gym in a few hours where I plan on doing Cleans, strict dips & pull-ups and some hamstring work. I will be teaching yoga tonight at lululemon. It will be a big week next week too and I'm feeling more "bring it on" than stress. 
How are you?

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