Monday, 25 August 2014

How to rise early, shine like a goddess and get sh!t done

Yesterday I started this blog...I had to re-write it because it was really uninspiring and a true reflection of how I felt on a low point of the roller coaster that is my life. 
It's no secret I struggle through the winter months, my brain is negatively affected by a lack of sunlight, and I feel restricted with what I can do in terms of kids activities and exercise. So rather than get all emo on my blog followers, I save that for my private journaling!
Feeling better today anyway, my mum helped me with the kids yesterday as we've all been really unwell and while it's hard for me to ask for help I'm really grateful I had that support. Riv also had a sleepover with Nick after dinner which allowed us a relatively early night.
This morning Eric got up early and took the 6am WOD. It may not have registered but one of us has taken a 6am class every weekday for around 6months, which means the other is up with one or both kids at home. This is not usually a drama, our regular 6am crew is amazing to coach and they work really hard! I have noticed a few things though...some of our faves are finding it harder to get up with the alarm. 
So how do WE do it? How do we get up with our alarm (or kids) and make it through a full day? 
Here's my top 6 tips:

1. Food: making breakfast the night before is essential to getting up early. The easiest meals are overnight oats, smoothies/juices and chia seed pudding. Also eating earlier in the evening allowing your body time to digest dinner before sleep. If you go to bed at 9pm, eat no later than 7pm.

2. Exercise: get a routine happening. Whether you love to smash it out in the morning and have the rest of the day free, or prefer to get your activity done after work to finish the day on a high...get SOME movement in. My ideal is yoga in the evening and about 6rounds of surya namaskar every morning with a workout at 6am or 8am.

3. Gratitude: before you open your eyes to switch off the alarm just quickly note a few things you are grateful for. I wake up with my arms wrapped around my children or my handsome partner, it's not hard to feel happy and blessed. However on the days where Raine doesn't wake up to wee or when one or more kids wake up after a shitty sleep in a bad mood I have to dig a little deeper...and perhaps be thankful for the simple joy of life or that I have a roof over my head.

4. Boycott TV and smartphones: Eric, Nick and myself don't watch television. Firstly we don't have time, secondly media in the West is very fear promoting and biased, third advertisements are not to our taste. We watch tv shows downloaded or purchased with no ads (if the kids go to sleep early enough) and movies as a family on the weekends. Also using one alarm on a smartphone to decrease time wasting and brain overstimulation before bed. Read a book, or talk to your family.

5. Figure out your goals: I want to run a successful business, a holistic health empire and do it as an attachment parent. That's my goal and I work my ass off for it everyday. If I sleep in, I'm no good to my clients or my saying that sometimes I NEED a sleep in to recharge and then be a great mum and focused coach. So I try not to feel guilt about that and further overload my brain. If you want a 6 pack, someone else can't get up and sweat for you, if you want to snatch 60kgs there's work to be done, if you want to be healthy and fit but can't get up I'd say that something is not quite balanced in your life.

6. Habit: all of this will seem like an uphill battle at first, or possibly just in winter, but grabbing a warm glass of apple cider vinegar with water and lemon first becomes a part of your life. Getting up at the same time everyday unless as I mentioned you NEED to have a sleep-in, will benefit you now and in the long run.

One of our amazing members had a "nightmare" that instead of going to bed, she watched a movie and then slept through her own birthday WOD. That speaks to me about dedication.
Get up when your alarm goes off, make it a habit, feel great about it, listen to your body, and chat to your support team...I'm seriously a phone call away ;)

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