Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Beach Workout YES!

Bula again everyone :)
Confession time...I am utterly homesick! And completely unhappy about my holiday body. River has had a rough 24hrs with his second toothy peg trying its hardest to race the first one, which has resulted in a weepy frustrated mumma bear just wanting a good cuddle with her dog (who never had teething nor sleeping issues!). It is getting harder to smile when strangers are kissing & cuddling my little this normal mother behaviour?!
Anyway, yesterday's workout at sunrise on the shore:

4 sets of:
Wide "warrior" squats

Tricep Dips (Advanced: one leg off ground)

Squat Jumps

 (there was a photo of me was hideous...please jump after the squat!)

Plank & Plank with twist

This workout was fun and the beach setting was perfect!
University started yesterday for me & I am hoping to get my placement sorted as soon as I get home. Neverending is it?!
Also I felt I should clarify, last blog I mentioned how someone asked if I would like a bottle of formula for River, at the time I was breastfeeding which is why I was so appalled! More on this matter, posted a facebook question about formula feeding support groups and I was really moved by Deb London who responded
"Well as some of you may know I am quite the BF advocate. But honestly formula moms need more support they we do. Seriously, has anyone noticed how hard of a time they have with their babies digestion and bowel movements? Changing formulas constantly and colic. Getting up at all hours to warm bottles. Oh man. It's awful! I feel terrible for my friends who go through this. Plus the guilt of quitting breast feeding. Seriously, it's not a pretty road. Have mercy. They need support in a whole different light!"
As a breastfeeding advocate myself, this message is hopeful. Just because I dont use formula does not mean I condemn mothers who do, and I feel like I would be just as helpful to breastfeeding and formula feeding mothers. My reason for promoting breastfeeding is because formula is NOT equal to breastmilk and I think mothers are led to believe that it is. I am interested in the health and wellbeing of everyone, including future clients. This is not to say that if you formula feed your child WILL become sick or overweight, just as breastfeeding doesnt mean your child WONT ever be ill, have allergies or struggle with thier weight. I believe in empowering women to make the most informed decision and that is why I am honest (blunt?!) about these facts. It saddens me that I feel akward here breastfeeding in Fiji because everyone else has bottles & dummies ready to go. It saddens me that tiny little babies are being bottle fed or fed hot chips smothered in sauce because they do not have a choice about what goes into their precious system...we as mothers have that choice about what to feed our babies, and I am proud that my son at 9months has had nothing but the very best nutrition.

Cheers & Giggles

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