Thursday, 12 January 2012

Workout of the week #3

So a quick confession; I was pulverised by my trainer, Amy, this morning. Like I hated every second of our cadio workout. It appears that my mindset needs an overhaul although thoughts of me walking down the aisle looking like a hippo apparently isnt "positive" least it's motivation! Tomorrow we're doing yoga as a reward.
Todays workout is lengthening & toning, enjoy :)

Hip Bridge:

Hip Bridge with one leg extended:

Abductor Lift:


Adductor Lift:

Variation of Dancing Cat:

Downward dog to tricep pushup:

Stress levels have completely hit the roof and while I feel like 7bottles of wine and severel packets of smokes...I will settle for some green tea and feeding River...some moments I actually MISS my old life, thankgoodness it doesnt last long! I am getting healthier by the year and when all else fails at least my body wont.

Cheers & Giggles

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