Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Wacky Wednesday...

Sorry guys, I will post an exerise blog tomorrow...we had an interesting day and the weather has been foul. I managed to wake up to do some early morning pilates but a testy bub and a delayed flight left me feeling less than spritely. We had brunch with our Wedding Caterer of which I ate little, ok yes I ordered pancakes but I only ate two smallies! 
Our besty then decided to heard us to the shark & ray feeding place in Dandenong, where he wanted to check out job opportunities and where he said my shark phobia would be cured. Along the way our car broke down. And the help got bogged. And this is our only functioning car. Shit. My sister saved the day and came with us for me to overcome my fears. Well, it almost seemed a little cruel on the animals and STANK. To be honest the service wasnt crash hot either. But all five of us (River included) waded in tank after tank of fish...the rays were cool and friendly. The sharks scared me to bits but I got in with the small ones. There is always a fat, orange haired little shite to terrorise the poor animals, but most kids were gentle and enjoyed the experience...DS got sleepy.
To be honest with you all I am FREAKING OUT. Our wedding is in 6 weeks, I feel as huge as a whale and as stressed as a pair of really old jeans. Opperation hot stuff is in full swing...but I'm being a bit of an osterich about the wedding.
Off to rest my weary head


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