Sunday, 1 January 2012

NOW is the time to...

Today, I am thankful. We spent the weekend down at Phillip Island with a group of friends and it was lovely. While DS is still out of sorts and I'm surviving on very little sleep, it is bareable and my dear friends made my trip away a fun adventure. I started 2012 by leaping (read:tripping over the BBQ grill) into my bestest girlfriends arms listening to Cher sing "if I could turn back time..." and sighting a few fireworks between the trees...shortly followed by bed snuggled between Riv and his daddy.
This morning after a healthful breakfast, us girlies did some yoga, we cleaned then proceeded to the beach.
Breakfast consisted of crunchola, coconut yogurt (thankyou Amy for introducing's love), and fresh strawberries. For DS I baked quinoa flakes into little finger pieces (his is on the left):

Annette, owner of, posted a four part series on goal setting last week which I quite enjoyed completing. The first step was to write down 20 things that we had accomplished in 2011, mine included having a peaceful hypnobirth (despite ending up with an emergency c-sect), getting through 5 subjects at uni, and starting on my writting career. I'm sure that somewhere in Netts 20 achievements would be the success of her PT business (and looking mighty fly whilst working her butt off!). The second step was to name our goal for 2012 and to list the things that may stand between us and said goal...I have quite a few goals for the upcoming year but in terms of my health & fitness my main goal is to get back into size 6 jeans (comfortably!). The obstacles in my way are time, time management and breastfeeding (ok...not really the act itself but the hunger I feel after a cluster feed- Wowee!). Netts' goal is to be in her best shape yet by her birthday and I believe in her 110%. The third step is visualisation. Allocating time to visualise where/who/how we want to be and providing OURSELVES with motivation in the form of a "vision board", see mine here:

Collage is one of my favourite quiet activities! So I had fun putting this bad boy together.
Finally we need to take ACTION. Start working towards your goal NOW. Let nothing stand between you and your goals.
thanks Netty :)

So, I'd like to hear what your goals are...making yourself accountable to someone is a great place to start.

Cheers & Giggles

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