Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Wednesday Workout #2

Bent over Row:
Lunge with DB:

DB Press in Bridge:

Squat with Dorsi-flexion:

Tricep Kickback:

T Stabiliser:

Half-Plank Sweep Kick:


In baby news; DS is almost crawling STILL. I am a little impatient for him to begin as he is commando-ing very efficiently...he can follow me about the house which is actually alot more fun than I had realised, although his clothes are filthy and I handwash (SO much extra work!). We had our first signs of the attachment phase when I headed off to work Monday morning...good to know he likes me for more than "boo-boo"! DH back at work after three weeks of him getting underfoot; joking...his help is very much missed when he's away. We scored an extra night with him though, due to a Jetstar cancellation :D While he was home we had a pretty rough patch of Riv not sleeping very well, thus my horns came best friend informed me that I was quite the bitch when we were away...haha sleep deprivation is noones friend! It is quite stressful being back at work, I'm in need of clients but am finding limited time to chase them. If only the wedding could pay for itself!
Anyway...I managed a whole tuesday of eating "clean" but have caffeined up today and am feeling rather shaky. Hopefully going to a dance class tonight to burn some kjs and excess energy, all this computer work isnt great for my eyes or my midline!

Hope you all have a devine day in the sunshine :D
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Cheers & Giggles

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