Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Wednesday's Workout #1

Walk the dog for 30mins on this blistering hot day:

10mins of attempting to skip:

10x Jacknifes:

10x SB Torso Twists (as you can see our cat, Raf joined me):

10x SB Pushups:

10x SB Hamstring Curls:

2x Pilates Thousands:

Thanks to my gorgeous DH for snapping these :)
Bub has been unwell the last 24hours, we are all extremely tired. He hasnt a fever though so I am hoping we can ride it out.
My articles are now up online
I am really proud of all my hard work lately, it isnt easy going back to work, researching topics, wedding planning & looking after my family (especially at this time of year!). But my new baby, my Vaio laptop is making my life significantly easier. I will post a weekly workout, please enjoy :D

Cheers & Giggles

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