Thursday, 22 December 2011

Surviving Silly Season

Two days until Riv is 7months. He is commando crawling everywhere and up on his knees constantly, wot be surprising if he's actually crawling tomorrow!
I've been back at work for just over a week and it feels great, mostly because DH is home so Riv is in his capable hands...I'm sure it will be harder when he is back working in WA. The clients I have now are fantastic hard workers and I hope to build my business from here. Four of my articles will appear on The Birthing Site over the next few weeks which is great & as I mentioned I have been receiving great feedback for my blog. Further adding to my delight is the return of my best friend to Victoria, DS Godfather, thanks Santa!
With DS cluster feeding heaps each night I have been quite naughty with my diet and eating lots around 9pm. I am trying to choose fruit instead of chocolate but it's not always the desired option! I've been reading into the Paleo Diet as suggested by my sexy trainer Miss B, however as a vegetarian this doesn't sit well with my lifestyle and nutritional interesting blog was read: but I love my grains/legumes/veg mix and feel healthier for it.

Exercises of the week include Diaphragm breathing:

and a good old glute/hammy stretch:

As you can see I am carrying some Christmas Kilos which I would like Santa to take back to the North Pole although if I'm not careful that is all I'll be receiving!! Wedding is in T-minus two months and I'm yet to get my booty into a size 6...for those who dont know me, I am 5foot tall so this should actually be achievable.

I would love to see more comments & feedback.

Merry Christmas Everyone <3

Cheers & Giggles

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  1. Loving your blog chicky! You should start posting some great easy recipes! Hope you have a great new year!