Monday, 21 November 2011

Wedding Planning, Dance & Babies...a typical November haha

So, here is the run down of the next few weeks: I run a small dance school and our end of year performance is this friday...obviously I could not put on a show without the help of my delightful teachers, our dj, and all the family and friends that pitch in on the day...but it is SO much work and so much choreography, costumes and organising!! That aside, the dance school where I train is having its end of year performance the following weekend so I have been at rehearsal after rehearsal and my body is so bruised and wrecked, thank goodness for a chiropractic appointment tomorrow I love you C, and my darling trainer with her magic massaging hands!
Our wedding is in feb. A mere three months the planning of our special day has begun. This means, bookings, payments, loosing weight and making things special. A blessing on this front is our event manager, check out for gorgeous, professional service.
To add to the mix I am returning to work as a personal trainer. In I crazy anyone in the industry may ask...slightly, yes. But I will round up some serious clients and hopefully help them become the best version of themself! Some income also wouldnt hurt...
How do I get all of this done before Christmas with a six month old who has just started solids...?! I'm not entirely sure, but as if you dont want to follow this and find out!

Cheers & Giggles

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