Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Early Mornings

My favourite thing in the world at the moment is our morning routine...if DS wakes at quater to 7 as he did this morning, completely soaked through his nappy...this is not a rare occurance (Love cloth haha!) he gets changed we feed the pets mummy has a quater of a grapefruit & a cup of tea, River has some floor time while I do some form of list making/wedding planning/washing/work then when he gets tired again we pop back into bed for a feed & sleep! Sometimes I'm lazy and will feed him before we get up then meaning cuddles & often some protesting to get back to the land of nod...but on these mornings where theres no gym, no uni, no DH, no sister...we just relax, rest and bond :) It will be interesting (sad?) to loose this on the few mornings I go back to work.
WHY do I feed or cuddle my baby to sleep? Because I want to create an environment where he feels like his every need is immediately met. The hormones from breastfeeding help us both get to sleep and feel serene. It makes me a better mother and him a happier baby. It doesnt work for everyone and people are quick to jump in and tell me all about the negative consequences of "coddling" a child....haha yes, but of course a 6month old is manipulating me if he doesnt want to fall asleep when I tell him to...hmmm!! It is no use explaining or justifying the benefits, that attatched children grow up to be more independent and secure in themselves is debatable to non-attachment parents and thats fine, at the end of the day this works for us, for my family, and I cherish these precious moments.

Cheers & Giggles

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