Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Exercise in the last few weeks

Last week I became quite overwhelmed with pain in my pelvis. I am not one to complain and I generally have a high tolerance for pain. This though, has caused me to cry out several times and stop doing the things I normally would. It would have been great to keep training the way I was but I honestly can't. 
So I reduced my training to 50-75 squats to parallel, clams in a supported side bridge & KB rows. I've also been doing yoga each day, teaching or participating or both. However, I am finding that when I stand for too long or sit for too long that the pain when moving is crippling.
After a rough week I made an appointment with a pelvic floor physical therapist who specializes in pregnancy. Unfortunately the stars didn't align and I had to cancel the $110 appointment. But the pain didn't subside. I slipped twice this week, once getting into the shower and once in trikonasana (triangle pose), both small movements that would normally be fine but with all of that beautiful relaxin coursing through my body, my pelvis didn't cope well.
So I booked in to see my trusted chiropractor who specialized in pre and postnatal health. After being adjusted my belly feels far better, the pain in my pelvis is gone (for now) and the pelvic girdle feels more stable. My Diastasis Recti seems to be quite bad (when it was fine just weeks ago) and the rectus (ab) attachments to my pelvis were inflamed and painful. Hip flexors are extremely tight because my outside hips (TFL) are not stabalising well and my glutes are probably not activating much if at all. So while I had a few moments of feeling rather blue, I've decided upon a game plan...and the exercises I will be doing including:
- diaphragm breathing
- modified clams
- wall sit (modified)
- parallel squats with band
- tva modified activation
I will also be focusing on the relaxation phase of pelvic floor contracting, preparing the birth canal and hopefully taking some pressure off my adductors. Optimal foetal positioning may me more challenging due to the abdominal separation so I am looking forward to a discussion with my midwives tomorrow and doing some baby mapping to see if Bubs is posterior or in a good position.
Today I'm starting taking vitamin c as I'm a little sick, more iron in preparation of the birth, EPO (evening primrose oil) to prepare the mucus membranes and this is in addition to raspberry leaf tea and B12.
Please send all of your good vibes to my belly that the bub comes very soon so this Mumma can have some rest and recovery. I have loved this pregnancy  but I am looking forward to skinny jeans, sleeping on my belly, enjoying a glass of wine and commencing my post partum fitness routine.

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