Friday, 2 January 2015

2015 Begins

It's always nice to reflect on the year that has been. Make a note of your achievements, your mistakes, the joy, the sadness and the life. So what did I achieve? I managed to complete my Yoga teacher training in Byron Bay whilst tandem feeding River & Raine. Eric, Nick & I transformed the grubbiest factories into an amazing CrossFit & Yoga studio, we held a successful pre-sale which had twenty new athletes in our doors from day dot. CrossFit Croydon has grown from strength to strength with intelligent programming, low injury rate, high retention rate and has given me the opportunity to make some of our dearest friends. We moved home twice. There were months where we had actually no idea where our next meal was coming from or how we would pay bills...and the generosity of family and friends saw us through (huge thanks in particular to my sis, Alex, to Nick, and to my besty Will).
We kept our heads up and have managed to run a successful box, finishing the year with twenty more members than we left in 2013...our dreams of taking a wage are closer each day! We fell pregnant again and have kept things running as smoothly as possible without letting exhaustion tear us apart. Finally, on Christmas Day, Eric proposed to me! In particular I am excited to marry the person who lifts me up when I can't and who allows me to support him as he needs. Our relationship is remarkable, we live and work together and are both full time parents...we manage to respect and love each other despite some rather irritating flaws (our vastly different OCD, time and money management and my pregnant self!). The conclusion of 2014 was perfect, spent in the company of my like-minded gal pal Sarah and a group of her very entertaining and down to earth friends. We counted down to midnight and I was kissed by my man and shared hugs with many. I feel like the year has been a huge success both personally and professionally and I am looking forward to a more consistent 2015.
Anyway....time for my confessions...I've discovered that I actually DONT love cooking. Eric practically makes every meal for the family, and as he's admitted he doesn't really enjoy it either I decided to step up my game. Things I DO like making: smoothies, kitchari, ribollita, salad, curry, vegan sausage rolls....that's about it. I love eating very simple food...happy to chip away at a watermelon and snack on vegetable sticks and nuts. Things might be different when we have a larger kitchen, so I am glad that I manage to keep our tiny space  clean and clutter this, Baby Led Weaning had been our worst enemy!
Over half way through the pregnancy and I was shocked after new years to come back and see how big my tummy has grown! Today, I enjoyed a lovely homemade Bonsoy latte with coconut sugar for first breakfast, went to the box to run weightlifting & WOD with Eric sans children (my mum asked to babysit THANKYOU!!), ate watermelon with blueberries and a dash of lemon. Raine had her second feed of the day. We had a morning tea of organic sushi and rice paper rolls (I ate one sushi, bites of Rivs & half the rice roll) with a delicious kombutcha before heading down to the river with the dogs to see my beautiful friends Kylie & Isaac. Our dogs were becoming too hard to manage all together (4 dogs, 3 dominant & Marli the protector) so the swim was short but sweet. Raine had a big feed. Upon our return we ate pasta with tofu then Raine had a nap while Riv & I did some collaging and I made a "Manifestation Journal". Then I took Riv to my Aunts pool for a swim and we got supplies to make a hanging garden for Will's birthday tomorrow. We painted the cans we've been collecting and after a salad and nacho dinner, Eric put the kids to bed and I finished off the gift. Whilst I was outside & all grubby I did a little workout:
- weighted hamstring lifts
- banded squat walks with squats between
- strict press with DB
- attempted pistol squats but belly got in the way
- single leg DB deadlifts
Right now I'm enjoying a nice stretch whilst writing.
It's hard to say how much the kids have grown up...Raine came walking out of bed last night to ask for a glass of water. I'm amazed at them and completely baffled at the same time, they are very intense kids who love to play and ask a billion questions but who can throw a tantrum with the best of them. They love fiercely like their Mumma and feel things passionately too. I hope that River grows more calm like Nick and that Raine becomes more easy going like Eric. And I truly wonder what this little baby is going to be like, look like, sound will baby number three change the game?! 
Exciting things ahead.
I've also decided for the moment that I want to stop personal training after baby comes...I'm feeling like the industry is heading in a different direction than I am interested. I will instead be focusing on writing, my prenatal and postpartum programs, developing my yoga and increasing my knowledge as a CrossFit coach.
With love, excitement and blessings xxx


  1. Congrats on the engagement babe! I gather you said yes lol
    And just a note, your such an inspiration for a better way of life