Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Christmas Grinch

Seasons Greetings from the Christmas ;) 
Surprisingly I am more in a festive mood than previous years...I've wrapped all of the gifts beautifully

We have a mini tree. Our friends spoilt us rotten and really helped make us feel special. 
Today Eric trained at 6am, Raine woke for a feed as he was leaving, fell back asleep until 7ish. Poor Raine has a huge cold sore on her upper lip so we are trying to combat with lysine and tea tree.
We made our way to Nanna & Gaga's house for Christmas Eve breakfast and while everyone is a little full on, I'm super proud of how polite and gracious the kids are. In case you are new to this blog, my family avoids plastic, we have no plastic toys. We also avoid over-consumption and consumerism. So Christmas time we chose thoughtful and much needed gifts for fam to give the kids. 
When we got home the kids played with their new toys 

Making us lattes and cupcakes...mmmm and then Eric took Riv out while Raine had a nap. I took the opportunity to clean out the kids room and prepare space for the clothes they needed and ready the things for our new baby. I love putting away good quality clothing and toys for a baby. 
Tonight my mum has us over for Christmas dinner and we're spending this afternoon cleaning up the house and relaxing.
In terms of exercise, last week I managed five of the seven days at CrossFit Croydon, even getting the best time of one day (scaled for pregnancy). I'm having the week off training this week (just my own yoga practice and walking the dogs) and so far I feel great about the rest! Today we ate fresh organic fruit for breakfast, I had two weak lattes, Eric's amazing hash brown brunch and a mango smoothie for late lunch. I'm about to have a handful of almonds and we will head over to mums at 5.30pm for a vegan organic FEAST.
Tomorrow morning will be cool watching the kiddos open up their gifts (from me, NOT Santa thanks) and then hopefully having a breakfast feast with Nick & Amber.
For lunch we are going to healsville sanctuary with the Blyth side and then will see Papa Tony in the arvo/evening. I'm not particularly excited about having to see more than two people tomorrow and I think Boxing Day is going to be very hard, with River going to his Dad's family event. So I am tuning into my breath, focusing on my achievements this year and manifesting the things I desire for the year ahead.
There are many moments in the day I want to give up...the kids are SO LOUD and demanding. Breastfeeding is hard and painful. Communicating can be hard with a 1 & 3yo...I am so tired I find myself snapping a bit, when I have to repeat myself 25,000 times. There are times I don't think we will ever pay off the things we need to, there is much stress over making sure there is enough cash in our account for food. And I often feel as though I'm just not good an athlete, a coach, a business woman, a partner, a mum...a friend! 
This time of year actually seems to bring out the worst in some people...the stress and pressure of buying gifts out of obligation, of seeing people you don't have much in common with, of competing for your grand child's affection. It's bullshit. This is the time to show people that you love, that you love them (and no it doesn't have a monetary value), time to slow down and reflect/plan ahead, time to be present with people and ENJOY their company. But I don't feel like this is any different to the rest of the year...or it shouldn't be. Though I'm glad to have a few days off training and off work :)
Peace out festive fellows xx

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