Saturday, 26 July 2014

Fitness or Health

Over the last few weeks I've been back to the place where my fitness career began. It's only the coffee and the wonderful owners of Pump cafe that have me driving back to mooroolbark. The shocking thing to me is that I see the same faces that were there when I was, not trainers but members and PT clients. Normally I would think "great! Dedicated, fit people. Great job!" But I am completely baffled by the fact these people pay so much money and....their bodies just haven't changed. In fact, some of the trainers have gained weight! Normally you can blame this lack of change on a number factors, the client doesn't do homework, eats like crap, the trainer has no idea how to program for the client or is too caught up selling bullshit products to make a quick buck or too busy staring at their reflection to actually train the client, the member doesn't get PT because they can't afford it (cigarettes and Maccas are more important) and so not one of the trainers cares about the member....BUT....why on earth would you STAY if you aren't getting RESULTS?! Two years? Come ON...who has two years to waste?! YES waste!!!!! 
This is why the fitness industry is not about health, it's about numbers, it's about selling people a false hope and cashing in. 
Let me be frank (because I clearly am not) a globo gym does not give a shit about you, they give a shit about your bank account. Boob jobs and eating disorders SELL. Being a "power lifter" is the new thing for male PTs and allows them to be overweight.
This is why I never fit in at the gym. I tried...I tried shakes that bloated me and I got right in deep with my eating issues, I  lifted tiny dumbells and did back to back classes, at my (previous) fittest I was my unhealthiest...I had an image to maintain so through my frustrations at not being good with business I partied my cares away on the weekends, I let people walk all over me and I gave them good reason to. It wasn't until I was pregnant that I started to let it go. Started to treat my body like a temple, listen to it and block out the hurtful words that scared me. It took an amazing trainer to push my body after baby, to show me what I was capable of. It took support.
The way I would feel when getting a movement down pat started to replace the obsession I had with being thinner. Before this I always felt like a fraud, I felt like I wasn't good enough. Through my second pregnancy I learnt how to build a real business but my confidence was once more shattered by some spiteful people, it's taken a year to get my confidence back. Now I get told everyday that I'm helping someone, my clients and members seek me out and tell me I've helped change their life. I don't take on people that aren't ready for that change. And that's why our members look different to 5 months ago, that's why my clients have changed. That's why every mum that comes to train with us leaves feeling amazing. Because while a degree and certifications can provide foundations for coaching, it takes a different kind of person to change another's life. While money can buy you a state of the art facility, it takes blood sweat and tears to build a community.
This is why CrossFit is successful. This is why our current box is different to the last one. This is why I'm not worried any more about my ability to help make the world a healthier place. Ask yourself if you received no money, would you still get up and go to work? My answer...heck yes!

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