Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Baby bums

Hello again lovelies!
Topic of the day; what treatment our kids bums receive! 
Always, I knew I would cloth nappy. My mum had for us and as we avoid plastic it seemed the logical choice. I also go whole heartedly with my environmentalist parenting; it's not just about my kids cute butt, but about the fact that nappies don't break down....and I don't know many parents that flush poo down the toilet when they use disposable nappies (the correct way to use them) so that means that there is human feacal matter in land fill along with all of the other trash...something that makes my skin crawl. 
This post may be very "tree-hugger" but I'm not one to skirt around an issue. Stop being irresponsible with your waste. Until recently I assumed everyone recycled correctly...and was really sad to realize that it's not true, people are lazy. I think we're well educated enough to know that the way humanity is consuming HAS to STOP. It simply CANNOT continue. And I want my grandchildren to know peace, freedom and fresh air.
So I researched and got a mix of cloth nappies from cheapies to expensive ones. And the only ones that I have truly LOVED are Green Kids & Baby Bee-Hinds. They last and they are absorbent. The drying time sucks though so I fell into Elimination Communication or EC.
The times I have used disposables I spent around $30 on a biodegradable, chemical free pack from the health food store...this was for holidays etc and worth the cost for peace of mind. So STOP buying shitty plastic CRAP from Aldi or Coles because it's cheap, nasty and bad for Mother Earth. You'll save funds in the long run. Cloth nappies combined with exclusive breastfeeding will mean you can use the Baby Bonus to buy organic food and help make up for any wage loss. So you can be a tight ass without purchasing crappy nappies, I am and I'm proud! ;)

The first time I read about EC, I read a story about parents who did it full time from birth and they could tell you the "cues" and would carry newspaper around EVEN at the SHOPS. My first reaction was HELL NO. Haha ;) Then I found out you can do it "part time" and don't have to make it a big don't even have to be able to read the "cues"! So we made up a little word to say each time Riv peed on the potty and always made sure the second he pooed we took his nappy off. He sat on the potty after meals and before bedtime but we never "forced" it or rewarded it...we cheered when we "caught" a wee/poo and ignored any "miss". He was going pretty much on command by a year, and by 16months completely nappy free. Raine is nappy free at night time doing a huge wee on the potty each morning. This morning was a breakthrough when at 6am she woke up saying "pothy" "pothy" "pott-ew" asking for the potty! 

That's our story anyway. As usual it's not the easiest way to raise babies. But I'm very glad my kids were easily nappy free and we didn't have to make a big deal about transitioning to underwear. 

In other news...finally hit me...I am free!!! Thanks to yoga, the amazing Eric (business partner & boyfriend extradinaire), my best friends (Nick, Will, May and my extra special CrossFit babes), everyone of our CrossFit members and my SISTERS...I actually no longer care about the people that hurt me last year. I feel amazing and confident again. I know I'm a great coach and trainer, I know I'm strong and fit as I've ever been, I'm happy with the journey I'm on...most importantly I'm SO PUMPED that I'm not an asshole. 
So here's to being fabulous, talented and unique. Don't let any asshole make you doubt yourself!


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