Friday, 31 January 2014

The art of change

Today I am compelled to write...just three months shy of his third birthday, we have decided to wean River completely. I have tears in my eyes, such a hard call to make. My little baby is a grown toddler, asserting himself more everyday. His diet is brilliant & I've never struggled to get him to eat anything, he is long out of nappies, almost not needing a daytime nap, he's very independent. 
If I wasn't feeding Raine I think I would continue happily along but I think it's time to "bow out gracefully" as this little boy (BOY!) is old enough, and his Mumma is very ready. 
The plan is to have good quality one on one time everyday, and lots of cuddles because since Miss R has come along things have been very busy and I don't really have time for us to play without me carrying Raine, which is fine or has been until now...
We are on day 9, I think and so far I have actually seen HUGE improvements in our ability to parent equally, spending more conscious time together and the bedtime routine is actually not really any more difficult.

So we've also moved home this week which is always a stressful ordeal & on top of that we're finalizing our CrossFit Croydon gear. Eric & Nick finished the floor on Thursday morning at 4am!!!! We've sold 17 of our 20 Foundation Memberships already and our Open Day is going to be EPIC :)

I hadn't trained for over three weeks (my last workout at F3 was wall balls, rowing & strict pull-ups) so yesterday decided to do lots of handstand practice, max plank, nail butterfly pull-ups & do a road WOD that Coach Leasa & Alterego Productions posted (burpees & hollow holds). Today my ABS are on fire!!!

I got to catch up with Adele from Vegie Head and we took our puppies on a walk together. I've got an amazing group of people connecting to me currently and I'm starting to draw HUGE amounts of strength from this.
Life is beautiful if you see it!!!

Cheers & giggles xxx

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