Thursday, 30 January 2014


Not sure how much longer I will be using this blog...I'm taking on a few new ventures this year & I am a typical lazy writer!! 
It's official: Eric & I now own CrossFit Croydon, Melbourne's newest affiliate!!!! 
I am SO excited for this we are really on our right path now, and already the people that are interested are SUPER high quality & positive. We have made so many friends in the wider CrossFit community this past year and seen how different each box can be and has to be. We visited Byron Bay CrossFit & LOVED it! They have a brilliant community, a perfect mix of professionalism and relaxation, I would highly recommend visiting or joining if you live in the area. For E & I we really want to make CrossFit accessible to everyone...we want to improve the HEALTH of everyone who comes through our door. So we won't have a culture of pre-workout, and bacon...we aim to create a community of people who feel great about themselves whether they are over or underweight, strong or slowly getting there, old or young, new or seasoned.
The coaches we are bringing on are amazing people who will be able to inspire and teach CrossFit.
Our timetable will be released on Saturday and following that will be our pre-sale. If you are interested in joining us we will have a week long introduction between the 24-28th Feb with our open day on the 1st March (Chloe & my mum's bday!!). Website will be up & running by March.

In other non-Crossy news: I am 9 classes and a bit of homework away from my yoga teaching certificate!!! I can't wait to teach my friends & clients something that has helped me so very much. I learned so much about spirituality, philosophy & myself in the 12 day course. It was really hard for me, to be leaving the kids for 2-4hour blocks, sitting & studying, feeling so tired because as soon as the kids saw me they were so full on and Riv is asserting his independence more than ever and Raine is almost crawling and teething (ie frustrated). They both were hard to get to sleep, I felt like the milk maid, I lost my temper often & was sinking into my own negative thoughts. Both Nick & Eric were fantastic with the kids and handling me...everyone was so supportive of what we were doing & I made some friends that definitely got me through.

I'm so excited to be home tomorrow & to see all the people that had my back & held the fort for us at home. My family, especially Alex & Phil, have been looking after our fur babies in the heat wave & poor Aunty A has been reassuring me the whole time I've been gone! All the people helping us create a community for our new business already deserve HUGE kudos.

And I realized while I was away that I am so incredibly strong, not in a way that I am unaffected by outside things but in a way that I can forgive, pick myself up (or allow someone else to do so), and come back with a lesson learned & a great attitude. Sure we've lost some friends, we've lost respect for people we loved dearly, we didn't have expectations met & I nearly experienced my old friend depression once more. All I can do with that is do my best, keep going, and to keep coming back better. 

Cheers & Giggles

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