Monday, 6 May 2013

Rant Alert

Disclaimer *please do not read this if you support any pyramid schemes or don't want to hear me lose my s&!t

Let me tell you a story. I trained someone on & off over about 4years...during that time said person received discounted sessions, sometimes wouldn't pay me for weeks, refused to put in any effort outside of our half hour training slot each week & while I tried to be my enthusiastic best I somehow failed to inspire this person. This sucked big time for's really hard when a client just doesn't put in the effort needed to achieve...well, anything!
Now this person has a partner & this couple both left the gym because someone was trying to bully them into buying into a freaking "health" company. The couple didn't have squillions to spend on false advertising the arse end manufactured toxic pills that are meant to replace their meals, or funnily enough on their training.
So it came as a HUGE shock to me when I discovered my client was leaving me so that the couple could GO BACK to the gym & commence TRAINING with the aforementioned BULLY!!!!
Despite all of my QUALIFIED nutrition advice this duo now SELL the flipping (really want to use stronger words here...) "product". The thing that actually upsets me the most is that they have been BULLiED and blind sighted into signing on to a company that will give them nothing. I am disgusted that somebody can push this onto people who have limited finances, and who are actually really struggling with their health. It makes me sick. Funnily enough it will most likely make them sick too.
Please hear my advice. You don't need to take ridiculous amounts of supplements. You especially do not need to take advice from anybody that is out of shape, sickly or who is slowly poisoning a company from the inside out. Please do NOT take nutrition advice from somebody who is in NO WAY shape or form qualified to comment or give advice to you.
To anyone who has been burned by any such companies or persons please know that there are compassionate, qualified people out there who are not interested in taking your money (or your soul) but who are willing to work with and for you to achieve amazing things.

Cheers & Giggles xx

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