Thursday, 30 May 2013

My birth circle

We had a meeting today with everyone who will be in attendance for the birth of Be. My little sister was obviously not there, too busy enjoying the sunshine up north! But we had both gorgeous midwives & our birth photographer over for a chat (and some cheeky choc chip cookies!). One of the things I adore about independent midwives is that our appointments aren't rushed. We spent HOURS discussing our birth plan, all possible outcomes, everyone's roles on the day, all the things we need, what to do with the placenta, how we all have visualized the birth...I felt so looked after and surprisingly enough I felt so loved. 
This is a quite overwhelming & intense feeling for place my trust in my birth team when I will be so vulnerable but I really honestly just feel love & empowerment. It's not just that our little team believe in birth, they believe in me.

Now we are really ramping up preparing my body, everything else is good to go.
Just thought I would check you all in :)

Cheers & Giggles xx

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