Thursday, 19 April 2012

Trimester two-three Workout

After uploading glitches; Here is a workout for my glowing, growing mumma's-to-be.

SB pelvic tilt

Chest Press

Lat Pulldown

Row (advanced variation)

Upright Row

Deep Squat

Deep Squat with stretch

Leg Extension

Clam with Extension


Last week I also recieved an inspiring vision board from one of my clients, Cathryn. She has achieved so much in her life and is now working towards a personal training career in pre/post natal health.

Crossfit workouts are being owned by me at last after a brief hiccup and lost direction. Yoga is really taking me to new places spiritually. On monday I'm going to try arial yoga - yoga suspended from the ceiling!!! Which is finally available in melbourne. Ballet is challenging and fun although I need new pointe shoes and am really stressing about buying them as they are made from leather, which is in direct contrast to my vegan lifestyle.
All in all I'm getting a little over hearing people complain about everything in thier lives although the clients I have been seeing lately are taking control, not making excuses anymore and feeling amazing for it. It can be hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel; trauma and drama happen all the time, but what you make of your life is up to you. You can complain, starve, smoke, drink, take drugs, eat bad food and sit on your arse...or you can get up and change. Pretty sure that you'll complain far less when you realise you are in control of your destiny.
Tomorrow morning's session may elicit a few whiney protests from me though!!

Cheers & Giggles

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