Sunday, 9 August 2015

In the night

The breath becomes shallow 
The hands start slight shake
Another day ending, yet
You're still awake
Tiny mouth finding nourishment 
Tiny hands take their hold
Still so new and innocent
To shape and to mould
Your brothers smile, 
your sisters skin
Daddy's nose and
Your mummies chin
Milky warmth beside us
As we lay down tonight
Time moving quickly
As if I cant hold tight
While the days might stretch long
And the years pass with speed
One day growing older
We won't be such a need
Through tears and exhaustion
Every noise cuts so deep
Sometimes nowhere near here
Till I find a little sleep
Tell me what you do all day
Our culture still demands
Well I lived a bit and loved a lot
Though we didn't finish plans
The chaos tries to break me
There's no order and no rule 
Soften your heart I tell myself
Yet that heart can be so cruel
Parenthood is a rocky climb
Hard to see forrest from the tree
In sweet moments I am one of us
In hard times it is just me
On and on and on I go
Forever finding the track
I am bound to four beloved
And I could not turn back
So my littlest, newest love
Pray, baby boy just know
You made my heart expand so wide
That I could never let you go

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