Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Post Baby Bliss

So, I've actually written Reef's birth story and feel super excited to share with you lots of things to come. 
This is 52 hours after giving birth that I am laying here, having just fed my little man in my gorgeous YoHome sheets that are just luxurious. I think I fell asleep around midnight. The hormones after having a baby are just such a natural high that I can't stop kissing or staring at him. There was a full moon tonight and I can feel lots of almost static energy in the air, I did not feel like I needed to do anything to cleanse or release. In the lead up to Reef being born I had physically cleansed the house and spiritually manifested the patience and gratitude I felt I needed for Reef to be born.
The time surrounding this birth has shown me that we have some amazing friends, there is so much food in our home at the moment that we are feeling super nourished and looked after. We even had some rest yesterday (Sunday) just daddy, mummy & newborn...
Today I was able to have a shower, do the dishes and put the washing on, however I may have accidentally mixed my whites in with the blacks, a major disaster! 
My recovery is much more gentle than with Raine and certainly Rivers birth, my pelvic floor feels strong and I've been diaphragm breathing to engage my stomach muscles. I was extremely lucky in that I had no swelling in my extremities during pregnancy or afterwards though I am feeling a little washed out. To prevent jaundice and because we were blessed with a ripper day, I sat outside in the sun with Reef and Marli in the morning. It recharged my batteries very much.
Tomorrow I have to do a little bit of catch up with paperwork and contacting members/debit success/bookings but Eric and I are enjoying the time not at work. We think it's great to have help from three wonderful coaches and look forward to balancing life with our FOUR babies, as our business is exactly like a toddler!
Reef has quite a tongue tie and while he is feeding without drama, my milk is coming in, so we shall see how he goes attaching to very swollen boobs in the morning.
Raine has just stumbled in from her room so I'm out to snuggle my babies


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